Kimberly Bartosik

Sprint 2019

Images from Bartosik's previous work, "I hunger for you (1)." Photographs by Jim Coleman.

Bartosik’s CAI residency will center around the development of a long-term choreographic project, "I hunger for you (1-2)"(working title), a two-phase, dual-venue work which marks the culmination of Bartosik's extensive examination into deeply internalized forces of faith, violence, life force, and compassion pulse through bodies that exist in a mesmerizing, starkly beautiful, often dangerous world. (Read more...)

In a world defined by light and is absence, the work looks deeply into the heart of the impulse to lose oneself in ecstasy, ritual, desire, and searching, riding an edge of barely controlled abandon and vibrating stillness.

The residency will include opportunities for students to experience the process of further development of "I hunger for you (2)" and sharing of work-in-progress with the broader community.

The residency will include Bartosik and three other dancers and will allow for student engagement in the process of development of new materials as well as an opportunity for all four dancers to interact with students and offer master classes. The residency will include a showing of the work developed for students and the UB community.