Jennifer Nugent: Master Classes for WNY Dancers

Photo by Paul B. Goode

During her CAI Residency, internationally acclaimed teacher, dancer, and choreographer, Jennifer Nugent offered  master classes for the dance community. Dancers from as far away as North Dakota came to Buffalo to take advantage of these opportunities for artistic growth and development.

Master Class on Contact Improvisation

“It involves physically listening and communicating. It involves touching! It is freeing for your mind, your body, and your spirit. ”
Sophia Roberts

Contact Improvisation is a growing dance movement. This form of dance uses a point of physical contact between two dancers as the impetus for all movements rather than music or a structured set of movements.    

The name "jam" is used in keeping with its use by contemporary musicians, who come together to spontaneously explore musical forms and ideas, with some group agreement about structure and duration of the exploration. All who practice the form contribute to the constant expansion and greater understanding of the dance form. While dancers usually stay touching or in physical contact for much of a dance, a dance can occur in which partners never touch yet there is a clear "listening" and energetic connection/intention that creates the "contact" of their shared dance.

The Sunday Contact Improvisation Jam is open to the public and takes place every Sunday from 5-8 pm at Wasteland Studios on 700 Main St. (6th floor) Buffalo, NY. 

Master Class Lecture: Careers in Modern Dance

Drawing on her experiences as a professional modern dancer, Nugent provided practical advice and inspiration to UB dance students and members off the WNY dance community.

Master Class on Modern Technique/Improvisation

Open for participation to WNY professional, university, and community dancers, this master class filled a void in the regular offerings available to WNY dancers. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.