Sam Van Aken Working with Students (Sept. 2018)

Sam Van Aken.

Sam Van Aken, creator of the Tree of 40 Fruit Project,” been described as “part Dr. Seuss, part Frankenstein, and just about everything fantastic.” During his CAI residency, he worked with faculty and students from many UB departments, as well as local artists in the field of bio-arts, and community organizations to develop an urban orchard in Buffalo's historic Fruit Belt neighborhood.

Artist Rendering of Tree of 40 Fruits.

Van Aken will offer the following presentation for UB faculty and students:

  • Sept. 20: Workshop at Coalesce Center for Biological Art, 12:30 pm.
  • Sept. 21: Master Class for MFA students on practical challenges of working in a research-driven field and specific methodologies for projects that require long-term development.

Van Aken is an award-winning contemporary artist, and professor of sculpture at Syracuse University. His practice of grafting buds from a variety of antique, heirloom and native fruit trees onto the branches of a single tree, has resulted in unique hybrids that bear different kinds of stone fruit, from peaches and plums, to cherries and almonds.