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According to the Child Advocacy Center, Erie County has the 2nd highest rate of reported child abuse in New York State — more than 3,000 cases annually.

Episode 31: Claire Cameron examines the challenge of implementing Erin’s Law

Published January 18, 2023

According to the Child Advocacy Center, Erie County has the 2nd highest rate of reported child abuse in New York State — more than 3,000 cases annually. Erin’s Law requires all public schools in each state implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program. In Episode 31 of The Baldy Center Podcast, Claire Cameron, observes that the challenge of implementing Erin’s Law involves the difficulty of having conversations about domestic violence and the sexual abuse of women and children. She suggests that having conversations about implementing Erin's Law can become a way to heal the wounds of domestic violence.

Keywords: Erin’s Law, child sexual abuse prevention education 

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More than 90% of sexual abuse is perpetrated by people known to the child. That includes family members and relatives. They may or may not be staying in the home with the child, neighbors. So parents, guardians, and caregivers are in the best position to know who their child is around outside of the school time and to directly intervene if necessary. Especially for younger children, their world is home and school. [...]

New York schools are not required to teach sex ed. However, HIV AIDS instruction is required. The curriculum must stress abstinence. Let's be realistic, young people engage in sexual behavior. Okay? So this is also very disturbing. The curriculum is not required to include instruction on consent. So we're not teaching young people what it means to say yes or say no to a particular type of interaction. [...]

Erin's Law is not just about making the world safer for children. It is about making our society a place where people can heal from whatever traumas they've experience. [...]

Erin's survival story is about healing. Sharing her story could be a powerful way to help families understand the importance of Erin's Law."       

                           —  Claire Cameron
                                (The Baldy Center Podcast, 2023)


Claire Cameron, Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction, UB Graduate School of Education

RESEARCH FOCUS: Early Childhood Education; Classroom Management; Cognitive Psychology

Claire Cameron.

Claire Cameron, associate professor of learning and instruction at UB, leads an assessment at Beyond Support Network (formerly Cantalician Center Learning).


Claire Cameron is associate professor of Learning and Instruction at the University of Buffalo Graduate School of Education. Dr. Cameron is an educational psychologist with areas of expertise in early childhood education, childhood development, educational psychology, and classroom management. Cameron is a co-founder of the Center for Community-Invested Research, Collaboration, & Learning (CIRCL).

Cameron's research areas include: Early Childhood Education; Achievement; Assessment; Elementary Education; Child and Adolescent Development; Cognition; Diversity; Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Research; Cognitive Psychology; Race, Inequality, and Education; School and Community Partnerships; Quantitative Research Methods; Research Methods; Statistical Methods and Applications in Statistical Issues; Self-regulation; Social and Emotional Development. Faculty profile.

Learn more: The Child Advocacy Center
The mission of the Child Advocacy Center is to integrate and coordinate services to meet the needs of child victims of sexual and physical abuse and their families at a single, child friendly facility. Such response is intended to reduce trauma, promote accountability and facilitate healing.

Simon Honig, Podcast Producer

Simon Honig, a third-year law student at the University at Buffalo School of Law, is the host/producer for the 2022-23 Edition of the Baldy Center Podcast. Honig.

Simon Honig

Simon Honig, a third-year law student at the University at Buffalo School of Law, is the host/producer for the 2022-23 Edition of The Baldy Center Podcast. Honig is a Law Clerk at Block, Longo, LaMarca & Brzezinski, P.C., an Associate at the Buffalo Human Rights Law Review, a Student Ambassador, and the Social Media Coordinator for the Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Law Society. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing at SUNY Geneseo. Honig’s career interests lay at the crossroads between sports law and intellectual property law.

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