FALL 2017

Trump and the Law Speaker Series

Contact: Jonathan Manes, jmmanes@buffalo.edu

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Zoom image: Trump and the Law 2017 Speaker Series Trump and the Law 2017 Speaker Series

Fall 2017: The Trump and the Law speaker series seeks to create a space for discussion, inquiry, and action as we enter new and ever more turbulent legal and political waters. To that end, we are hosting a series of speakers who will engage in public discussions of the policies and politics of the current administration. The talks are organized around particular policy or legal issues and bring to campus distinguished scholars, lawyers, and others engaged with the issues of the day. 

We hope that the series, collectively, will represent many different approaches to the current legal and political moment. The speaker series is open to the university community. There is also a law school seminar for student credit taught in conjunction with the series.

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October 12, 2017: Harold Koh, Yale Law School

The Trump Administration and International Law

Harold Hongju Koh.

Harold Hongju Koh

Thursday, 2:30 pm, 106 O'Brian Hall
University at Buffalo North Campus

Harold Hongju Koh
Sterling Professor of International Law
Yale Law School

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Sterling Professor of International Law, Yale Law School.  Legal Advisor to the Secretary of State (2009-2013).  Dean, Yale Law School (2004-2009).   Harold Koh is one of the country’s leading experts in public and private international law, national security law, and human rights.  He was Dean of Yale Law School from 2004-2009 and is currently Sterling Professor of International Law. He served for nearly four years as the 22nd Legal Adviser of the U.S. Department of State, from 2009-2013.  

November 2, 2017: Alex Abdo, Knight First Amendment Institute, Columbia University

Surveillance, Dissent, and the First Amendment

Alex Abdo.

Alex Abdo

Thursday, 2:30 pm, 509 O'Brian Hall
Cellino & Barnes Conference Center
University at Buffalo North Campus

Alex Abdo
Senior Staff Attorney
Knight First Amendment Institute

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Alex Abdo is a senior staff attorney at the Knight First Amendment Institute. Prior to joining the Institute, he was a senior staff attorney at the ACLU. He has been at the forefront of litigation relating to NSA surveillance, encryption, anonymous speech online, government transparency, and the post-9/11 abuse of detainees in U.S. custody. In 2015, he argued the closely watched appeal that resulted in the Second Circuit invalidating the NSA’s call-records program.

November 16, 2017: Lee Gelernt, American Civil Liberties Union

Litigating the Muslim Ban and Other Immigration Issues In The Trump Era

 Lee Gelernt.

 Lee Gelernt

Thursday, 2:30 pm, 509 O'Brian Hall
Cellino & Barnes Conference Center
University at Buffalo North Campus

Lee Gelernt
Deputy Director
ACLU Immigrants Rights Project

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Lee Gelernt, a longtime civil rights lawyer at the national Office of the ACLU, argued the first Muslim case resulting in a Brooklyn federal court enjoining the Ban one day after it was issued.   He will talk about the events of that night and other cases against the Trump Administration. Gelernt has been an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union since 1992, and works on immigration and national security issues.  He currently holds the positions of Deputy Director of the ACLU’s national Immigrants’ Rights Project, and Director of the Project’s Program on Access to the Courts.  He has argued numerous groundbreaking civil rights cases at all levels of the federal court system.  In addition to his work at the ACLU, Mr. Gelernt is an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School and a visiting lecturer in clinical law at Yale Law School. 

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