2022 Rustgi Undergraduate Conference on South Asia

The 2021 Rustgi conference will feature a keynote lecture from novelist, essayist, and journalist Dr. Michael Muhammad Knight,.

Barton Library (Bhavnagar, Gujarat). Photograph courtesy of Walter Hakala.

(Mis)Information: April 29 and 30, 2022

April 29 and 30:  The University at Buffalo is proud to present the 2022 Rustgi Undergraduate Conference on South Asia by reflecting upon the rich history of South Asia and its connection to present-day conditions.

The conference interprets the theme of (Mis)information, which may be interpreted broadly in its social or political sense. The echoes of misinformation ring in all our ears today as we interact with information endlessly. Regardless of whether it is inadvertent or purposeful, the spread of misinformation has affected how we communicate and process “truths” in our world. The conference will feature a keynote from novelist, essayist, and journalist Michael Muhammad Knight (Philosophy, University of Central Florida). Learn more about the conference.

The fourth annual Rustgi South Asian Undergraduate Research Conference is made possible by a generous gift from the families of Drs. Vinod and Anil Rustgi.  Conference co-sponsors at the University at Buffalo include:

The conference is free and open to the public. We welcome undergraduate participants studying South Asia from all disciplines to submit proposals, preferably but not necessarily working on any topic relating to the theme. Possible topics of discussion include: 
  • Censorship (of journalism and activist voices)
  • Role of information in religious conflicts
  • Disinformation 
  • Digital literacy 
  • Institutions that diffuse information 
  • Determinants of beliefs arising from information 
  • Future of misinformation
  • Ethics of information dissemination

This list of suggestions is by no means exhaustive. We encourage papers that explore sociopolitical issues, communities, or theories stemming from under-represented perspectives. We shall organize panels around presentations addressing similar issues that draw from various disciplinary perspectives, including the social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, management, humanities, fine arts, and others. Submit proposals here.


For further information about the conference, please contact rustgiconference@buffalo.edu