Spring 2022 Conference Webinar

Looking Back, Moving Forward: Law, Policy and Environmental Justice

April 22 and 23, 2022: Join us online for the conference, Looking Back, Moving Forward: Law, Policy and Environmental Justice. The two-day virtual event critically examines the past, present, and potential future roles of the law and legal strategies to advance environmental justice (EJ) policy and action.

The conference takes as its starting point the 30-year struggle by the renowned EJ group CRCQL (Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living) to shut down the nation’s largest waste incinerator in Chester, PA. Drawing on the lessons learned from CRCQL’s ongoing organizing against environmental racism, our panelists will expand the conversation to explore new approaches to EJ law and policy-making. Learn more.

Conference Organizers

Giovanna Di Chiro, PhD, Professor of Environmental Studies, Swarthmore College. Di Chiro teaches and researches the intersections of environmental science and policy, with a focus on social and economic disparities and human rights. Email:  gdichir2@swarthmore.edu

Christopher Mele, PhD, Professor of Sociology and Adjunct Professor of Geography, University at Buffalo. Mele's research interests include: post-custodial archiving of community-sourced knowledge; racialized place narratives and urban policy discourses; the geography of racial exclusion; critical gentrification and displacement; and neoliberal urbanism. Email: cmele@buffalo.edu


For more information, contact: BaldyCenter@buffalo.edu.