Alison Des Forges Annual Symposium

April 26, 2023: The Baldy Center is pleased to co-sponsor the 2023 Alison Des Forges Annual Symposium, “The Russo-Ukrainian War: Achievements and Limitations of Today’s International System". This symposium will examine the Russo-Ukrainian war and what it tells us about the strengths and weaknesses of the contemporary international system. It will explore war crimes, crimes against humanity and alleged genocide arising from the conflict. It will also revisit the enduring dichotomy between Russian authoritarian imperialism and Ukrainian democratic nationalism. 

Contact: Ellen Dussourd ,

The event is organized by the Alison L. Des Forges Memorial Committee.  The group is dedicated to honoring the memory of Dr. Alison Liebhafsky Des Forges, an inspirational and tireless crusader for human rights around the world. The Committee seeks to continue Alison’s quest to educate people about the injustices in the world and the part we all must play as members of an increasingly interdependent global community. 

Event co-sponsors include: Alison Des Forges Memorial Committee; University at Buffalo: The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy; UB CAS Departments of Comparative Literature, History, Philosophy, and Political Science; UB Gender Institute; The Gordon and Gretchen Gross Professorship in Jewish Thought; UB Humanities Institute; James Agee Chair in American Culture; and, UB Office of the Vice Provost for International Education.


The Baldy Center multimedia marks a decade of co-sponsorship

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    Even now, it is difficult to grasp how the courageous activism of Alison Des Forges continues to inspire people. This article seeks to add context to Alison's interdisciplinary scholarship in the global arena of law and social policy. Perspective is provided by Roger Des Forges, Helene Kramer, and Irving Massey. Together, they became key components in forming an educational enterprise that would do justice to Alison’s memory. Today, that enterprise is a solid foundation for sustaining community activities, one of which has become an annual international symposium.
  • Episode 14: Sustaining the Alison Des Forges International Symposia
    Episode 14 of our podcast series is about the work of the Alison L. Des Forges Memorial Committee, and its international symposia held at the University at Buffalo. Beginning in 2012, the symposia has been sponsored, in part, by The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy. This episode features Roger Des Forges, the group's co-founder. He is joined in discussion with the Committee co-chairs, Ellen Dussourd and Shaun Irlam. Together, they offer insight on aspects of sustaining the Alison Des Forges International Symposia.