Music Without Changes

A series of small lines, generated by a computer, and somehow legible as music.

Courtesy of Thomas Little

Date and Time

Tuesday, June 27, 7 PM




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Join UB Art Galleries for the premiere of Music Without Changes, a work of autogenerated music composed and programmed by Thomas Little.   
This work was inspired by avant-garde composer and artist John Cage, whose work is featured in our exhibition In Conversation. Cage’s compositions challenged established notions of music and explored the concept of "indeterminacy," allowing for a degree of unpredictability and randomness in the performance. In Music Without Changes, Thomas pays homage to Cage by exploring the concepts and philosophies that defined Cage's music.   
Thomas Little is a composer and Ph.D. candidate at UB. He combines analysis and intuition to generate narratives, rich textures, and powerful emotional affects. His compositions draw inspiration from diverse sources such as history, poetry, linguistics, theatricality, and breath. 

Published June 14, 2023