Creative Conversations

A graphic image with photos of Bianca L. McGraw, a black woman with curly hair, and Ten Thousand, a black man in an argyle vest.

Images courtesy of Bianca L. McGraw & Ten Thousand

Date and Time

Sunday, July 16, 1-5 PM




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Creative Conversations is a two-part interactive writing workshop led by local Buffalo poets, followed by an Open Mic poetry event. First, participants will be guided in writing exercises, sparked by the intersections of poetry and visual art on view in the exhibition, In Conversation. Then, using recycled and upcycled materials, participants will create their own journals to capture their own conversations, influences, and creative expressions. Following the workshop is an Open Mic session where all are invited to read, share, listen, and reflect. The public is welcome to attend either or both sessions of this workshop. The event will be led by Bianca L. McGraw, Ten Thousand, Julio Montalvo Valentin, and Justin Karcher.

1-3 PM: Writing and Journal Creating Workshop 
3:30-5 PM: Open Mic

Bianca L. McGraw is an international practicing multimedia installation/performance artist, poet, higher education advocate, community development and engagement facilitator, and diversity presenter. She uses art, poetry, performance and space as a vehicle for discussion about identity, diversity and perspectives while exploring personal, societal and communal experiences.

Published June 27, 2023