Pilot Course: "Academic Integrity at UB"

Academic integrity is a fundamental university value upon which all work in teaching and learning relies. There are differences, however, in how academic integrity policies and procedures are applied between high school and college as well as between different parts of the world. Because compliance with UB’s academic integrity policy is fundamental to student success, this course is designed to provide incoming UB students with information they need to uphold our high standards around the honest completion of work. Launched as a pilot course with specific academic programs in fall 2022, “Academic Integrity at UB” will be required for all new students in fall 2023 to ensure that students begin their studies at UB with this important information. 

FAQ about "Academic Integrity at UB"


This course is an introduction to the policies, violations, and penalties related to academic integrity.  Many incoming students have varying levels of understanding, whether due to high school or cultural variations, so this course attempts to provide consistent messaging of expectations. 


In spring 2023:

  • All incoming undergraduate and graduate students, including transfer students, in the School of Public Health and Health Professions will be required to take this course.
  • All incoming undergraduate and some graduate students, including transfer students, in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences will be required to take this course.

In fall 2023:

  • The course will be required of all incoming undergraduate and graduate students, including transfer students. 


The approximately 30 to 45-minute course uses scenario-based instruction to walk students through various violations and consequences. There is a 10-question quiz at the end, and students must pass the quiz with an 80%. Unlimited attempts to pass are available, but after the second attempt, a student must repeat the course from the beginning.  


Students will be enrolled automatically in the course on Monday, February 20, 2023. On March 17, 2023, any student who has not successfully completed the course will have a hold placed on their account, preventing them from enrolling in the fall 2023 semester.  


The course will be available within UBLearns, and students will be automatically enrolled.  Most common browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge will work; however, the course is best viewed on a computer or tablet, not a phone.


Please contact integritycourse@buffalo.edu