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About Us

We play a crucial role at the University at Buffalo, impacting nearly every aspect of student life outside the classroom through our leadership in student development, essential campus services and sustainability. Our vitality, diversity and uniqueness inspire students, empower staff, and support the UB mission of positively impacting our communities and the world. As a collection of individuals, diverse units and initiatives, we work together for the safety and success of our students, defining the broad view of what it means to be part of the UB community, and proudly taking responsibility for breathing life into the UB experience.


Our administration oversees a broad collection of diverse units and key initiatives, all of which contribute substantially to leading the UB experience.


As we work diligently to create an environment where students grow both intellectually and socially, we often find ourselves recognized for our innovation, leadership and professionalism.


We proudly support each of the 30,000 students at UB by offering the resources they need to thrive during their time on campus - and far beyond. Here are just a few of the ways we help students meet their needs, reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

There is always something for students to do at UB. From everyday services to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, we’ll help make your UB Experience the best it can be by keeping you up to date with events, tips, reminders and unique campus happenings.

Contact information for general or administrative Student Life inquiries and comments.