VOLUME 31, NUMBER 17 THURSDAY, January 27, 2000

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Gayle Hardy-Davis, associate librarian, Lockwood Library
Donald Heberling, Sr., mason and plasterer, University Residence Halls
Mary Hendricks, janitor, Custodial Services
Roxene Herrod, information processing specialist 2, University Print and Mail Services
Dolores Hollub, clerk 1, University Libraries
Richard Hooper, supervising programmer analyst, Administrative Computing
Charles Hutchison, facilities program coordinator, Facilities Planning and Design
Joan Imiolo, keyboard specialist 1, Office of the President
Ibrahim Jammal, associate professor, Department of Planning
Dorothy Kaczmarek, janitor, Residential Facilities
John Kerruish, maintenance assistant, Facilities Operations
Audrey Koscielniak, assistant dean for career services, School of Law
Gloria Koontz, secretary I, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Jerald Kuhn, professor, Department of Radiology
Marilyn Kumpf, agency program aide, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
William Kurzdorfer, electrician, University Residence Halls
Joseph Lakatos, maintenance assistant electrician, Facilities Operations
Carmen Laurendi, instructional support technician, Department of Biological Sciences
Michael Levine, professor, Department of Oral Biology
Joseph Lippert, staff associate, Inventory Services
Jack Lippes, professor, Department of Gynecology-Obstetrics
Elizabeth Luchowski, instructional support specialist, Department of Biochemical Pharmacology
Mary Ann Ludwig, clinical associate professor, School of Nursing
Robin Mandell, head clerk, Records and Registration
William Mann, professor, Department of Occupational Therapy
Joann Maraschiello, information processing specialist 2, University Print and Mail Services
Sylvia Mayberry, janitor, Custodial Services
Grace McDonald, nurse 2, Student Health Center
Glen McGivney, professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry
Morton Merowitz, cleaner, Custodial Services
Gail Michaels, senior staff associate, Millard Fillmore College
Carol Norris, secretary 1, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy
Dexter Nowak, nurse 1, Student Health Center
Carol Nuchereno-Godfryd, keyboard specialist 2, Student Accounts
Robert Olewniczak, laboratory helper, Department of Pathology
Patricia Orsini, medical lab technician 2, Department of Microbiology
Theodore Papademetriou, clinical professor, Department of Orthopaedics
Melvin Parr, cleaner, custodial services
Roberta Patti, calculations clerk 2, Accounting and Budget
James Phillips, clinical assistant professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Marcia Pszeniczny, secretary 1, Department of Anatomical Sciences
Thomas Romans, associate professor, Department of Economics
Donald Rosenthal, professor, Department of Political Science

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