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GSE's Open Education Research Lab will support SUNY's efforts to promote the use of open or free educational materials.


Like New York’s state animal, the rover-like vehicle uses its surroundings to build complex structures and overcome obstacles.


GSE researcher Gregory Fabiano is using UB's driving simulator to help train adolescents with ADHD for that first job.


Scientists have improved the performance of magnetic nanoparticles designed to roast and destroy tumors.


Transira Therapeutics is developing an injectable drug that could help Type 2 diabetes patients control their blood sugar while aiding weight loss.


The UB-led animal study is one of the few to document the impact of low levels of the “sunshine vitamin” over time.


UB-led research found that when CD36 kicks into high gear, cells stop dividing, a discovery that highlights a process tied to aging and cancer.


A new study shows tenants in the slums receive drastically inferior household services and pay more rent than those in its formal settlements.


The new ERAS protocol created for the UB-led study helped patients recover and heal faster from surgery.


Each university brings strengths to the joint research project exploring liquefaction in transitional soils.


Research by UB's Carla Frederick and Danielle Goetz helped lead to FDA approval of a new combination drug to treat cystic fibrosis.


UB’s Beata Csatho is a member of an international team that has produced a new assessment of the ice sheet’s change since 1992.


UB scientists made key contributions to the research, which confirms existing predictions but leaves questions about the nature of the universe.