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photo of Gerald B. Koudelka

Gerald B. Koudelka, Ph.D.

Department of Biological Sciences, Professor and Chair

Specialty/Research Focus

Mechanisms of DNA sequence recognition; Evolution of bacteriophage-encoded exotoxins

Selected Publications

  • Stolfa, G., and Koudelka, G.B., (2012) Entry and Killing of Tetrahymena by Bacterially Produced Shiga toxin, mBio, in press.
  • Harris, L.A., Watkins, D., Williams, L.D., and Koudelka, G.B. (2012) Indirect Readout of DNA Sequence by P22 Repressor: Roles of DNA and Protein Functional Groups in modulating DNA Conformation, J. Mol. Biol.,
  • Bullwinkle, T.J., Samorodnitsky, D., Rosati, R.C. and Koudelka, G.B. (2012) DNA binding specificity determinants of 933W repressor, PLOS One7: e34563. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0034563.
  • Pawlowski , D.R., Raslawsky, A., Siebert, G., Metzger, D.J., Koudelka, G.B., Karalus, R.J. (2011) Identification of Hylemonella gracilis as an antagonist of Yersinia pestis persistence. Journal of Bioterrorism & BiodefenseS3:004doi:10.4172/2157-2526.S3-004.
  • Bullwinkle, T.J., and Koudelka, G.B. (2011) The Lysis-Lysogeny Decision of Bacteriophage 933W: A 933W Repressor-Mediated Long Distance Loop Has No Role in Regulating 933W P Activity J. Bacteriol193, 3313-3223.
  • Watkins, D., Mohan, S., Koudelka, G.B., Williams, L.D., (2010) Sequence Recognition of DNA by Protein-Induced Conformational Transitions. J. Mol. Biol.396, 1145-64.
  • Lainhart, W., Stolfa, G., Koudelka, G.B. (2009) Shiga Toxin as a Bacterial Defense against a Eukaryotic Predator,Tetrahymena thermophila, , J. Bacteriol., 191, 5116-5122.