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photo of Mark Swihart

Mark Swihart, PhD

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Synthesis and application of nanoparticles; application of chemical engineering science (chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena) to understand and improve processes by which these materials are prepared.

Recent Publications

Erogbogbo, F., T. H. Liu, N. Ramadurai, P. Tuccarione, L. Lai, M. T. Swihart, and P. N. Prasad. "Creating Ligand-Free Silicon Germanium Alloy Nanocrystal Inks." Acs Nano 5, no. 10 (Oct 2011): 7950-59.

Erogbogbo, F., C. A. Tien, C. W. Chang, K. T. Yong, W. C. Law, H. Ding, I. Roy, M. T. Swihart, and P. N. Prasad. "Bioconjugation of Luminescent Silicon Quantum Dots for Selective Uptake by Cancer Cells." Bioconjugate Chemistry 22, no. 6 (Jun 2011): 1081-88.

Erogbogbo, F., K. T. Yong, R. Hu, W. C. Law, H. Ding, C. W. Chang, P. N. Prasad, and M. T. Swihart. "Biocompatible Magnetofluorescent Probes: Luminescent Silicon Quantum Dots Coupled with Superparamagnetic Iron(Iii) Oxide." Acs Nano 4, no. 9 (Sep 2010): 5131-38.

Erogbogbo, F., K. T. Yong, I. Roy, R. Hu, W. C. Law, W. W. Zhao, H. Ding, et al. "In Vivo Targeted Cancer Imaging, Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping and Multi-Channel Imaging with Biocompatible Silicon Nanocrystals." Acs Nano 5, no. 1 (Jan 2011): 413-23.

Kim, W. J., X. Vidal, A. Baev, H. S. Jee, M. T. Swihart, and P. N. Prasad. "Photothermal-Reaction-Assisted Two-Photon Lithography of Silver Nanocrystals Capped with Thermally Cleavable Ligands." Applied Physics Letters 98, no. 13 (Mar 2011).

Liu, S., G. Y. Chen, P. N. Prasad, and M. T. Swihart. "Synthesis of Monodisperse Au, Ag, and Au-Ag Alloy Nanoparticles with Tunable Size and Surface Plasmon Resonance Frequency." Chemistry of Materials 23, no. 18 (Sep 2011): 4098-101.

Oh, H. S., S. Liu, H. Jee, A. Baev, M. T. Swihart, and P. N. Prasad. "Chiral Poly(Fluorene-Alt-Benzothiadiazole) (Pfbt) and Nanocomposites with Gold Nanoparticles: Plasmonically and Structurally Enhanced Chirality." Journal of the American Chemical Society 132, no. 49 (Dec 2010): 17346-48.

Park, Y. B., K. Mohan, A. Al-Sanousi, B. Almaghrabi, R. J. Genco, M. T. Swihart, and R. Dziak. "Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Calcium Sulfate for Use in Osseous Regeneration." Biomedical Materials 6, no. 5 (Oct 2011).

Shukla, S., E. P. Furlani, X. Vidal, M. T. Swihart, and P. N. Prasad. "Two-Photon Lithography of Sub-Wavelength Metallic Structures in a Polymer Matrix." Advanced Materials 22, no. 33 (Sep 2010): 3695-+.

Shukla, S., X. Vidal, E. P. Furlani, M. T. Swihart, K. T. Kim, Y. K. Yoon, A. Urbas, and P. N. Prasad. "Subwavelength Direct Laser Patterning of Conductive Gold Nanostructures by Simultaneous Photopolymerization and Photoreduction." Acs Nano 5, no. 3 (Mar 2011): 1947-57.