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photo of Venu Govindaraju

Venu Govindaraju, PhD

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SUNY Distinguished Professor


Specialty/Research Focus

Machine learning, pattern recognition, biometrics, document recognition.

Research Impact



US 5515455: “System for Recognizing Handwritten Words of Cursive Script”
V. Govindaraju, D. Wang, and S. Srihari. 1996.


US 20060078171: “Biometric Convolution Using Multiple Biometrics”
V. Govindaraju, S. Chikkerur, and S. Chavan. 2006. (Provisional)


US 20070253608: “Secure Fingerprint Matching by Hashing Localized Information”
V. Govindaraju, S. Tulyakov, F. Farooq, and S. Chikkerur. 2007. (Pending)


“System for Indicating Deceit and Verity”
T. Slowe, V. Govindaraju, P. Kilinskas, J. Delbert, and M. Moskal. 2007. (Pending)


Technology Transfer License


Accuscript (TM) Software for reading unconstrained handwriitng recognition can be licensed from University at Buffalo STOR Office.


Postal Technology


The team led by Dr. Govindaraju and his colleagues at the University at Buffalo delivered to the USPS a field-deployable real-time system yielding annual savings of several hundred million dollars. This has come about in part due to the seminal and widely cited paper with ground-breaking techniques to efficiently segment and process cursively written (often with illegible parts) words with the help of lexicons in real time.


1997 Annual Report of the United States Postal Service, Page 43


June 10, 1999: Lockheed Martin, Owega - Press Release


February 1, 1999: Katy Saldarini, Government Executive


1999 Annual Report of the United States Postal Service, Section "Gateway to the Household: Automating"