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photo of Ling Bian

Ling Bian, Ph.D.

Department of Geography, Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Integration of GIS with environmental modeling

Recent Publications

Mao, L. and Bian, L. Massive Agent-based Simulation for a Dual-Diffusion Process of Influenza and Human Preventive Behavior. International Journal of Geographical Information Science (accepted, 1/11/2011)

Zhang, H., Zeng, Y., Bian, L., 2010. Simulating multi-objective spatial optimization allocation of land use based on the integration of multi-agent system and genetic algorithm. International Journal of Environmental Research, 4(4): 765-776.

Zhang, H., Zeng, Y., Bian, L., and Yu, X. 2010. Modeling urban expansion using a multi agent-based model in the city of Changsha. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 20(4): 540-556.

Mao, L. and Bian, L. 2010. A dynamic social network with individual mobility for designing intervention strategies. Transactions in GIS, 14:(4) 533-545.

Huang, Y. and Bian, L. 2010. Ontology-driven tour planning systems: a conceptual framework. Environment and Planning B, 37(3): 483-499.

Bian, L. 2010. GIS: environmental model integration and GIS, in B. Warf (editor), Encyclopedia of Geography, Sage Publications: Thousand Oaks, CA.

Li, L., Bian, L., Zhou, G., Yakob, L., and Yan, G. 2009. Temporal and spatial stability of Anophele gambiae larval habitat distribution in western Kenya Highlands. International Journal of Health Geographics, 8:70.

Hu, S. and Bian, L. 2009. Interoperability of functions in environmental models - a case study in hydrological modeling. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 23(5): 657-681.

Huang, Y and Bian, L. 2009. A Bayesian network and analytic hierarchy process based personalized recommendations for tourist attractions over the Internet, Expert Systems with Applications, 36(1):933-943.

Bian, L. 2009. Spatial data models, in R. Kitchin and N. Thrift (editors), International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Volume 10, Oxford: Elsevier, 337-344.

Xie, Z and Bian, L. 2009. Using spatial continuity and discontinuity information to retrieve geographic entities, Geocarto International 24(1): 3-23. 

Li, L, Bian, L., Yan, G. 2008. A study of the distribution and abundance of the adult malaria vector in western Kenya highlands, International Journal of Health Geographics, 2008, 7:50, doi:10.1186/1476-072X-7-50 (September 22, 2008)

Bian, L. 2007. Object-oriented representation of environmental phenomena � is everything best represented as an object? Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 97(2): 266-280.

Bian, L. and Hu, S. 2007. Identifying components for interoperable process models using concept lattice and semantic reference system, International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

Bian, L. and Liebner, D. 2007. A network model for dispersion of communicable diseases, Transactions in GIS, 11(2): 155-173.