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photo of Natalie Simpson

Natalie Simpson, Ph.D.

Department of Operations Management and Strategy, Associate Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Emergency services and emergency response; Supply chain logistics, Digital distribution of conventional instruction

Selected Publications

N.C. Simpson, Philip G. Hancock and Chia-Hung Chuang, "Hyper-projects and Emergent Logistics: Characterizing the Managerial Challenges of Emergency Response," forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Security Research.

N.C. Simpson and Philip G. Hancock, "The Incident Commander's Problem: Resource Allocation in the Context of Emergency Response," forthcoming in the International Journal of Service Science.

N.C. Simpson, "Modeling Residential Structure Fire Response: Exploring the Hyper-Project," Journal of Operations Management.

N.C. Simpson, "Central versus Local Multiple Stage Inventory Planning: An Analysis of Solutions,"European Journal of Operational Research.

N.C. Simpson and Philip G. Hancock, "New Measures for Supply Chain Vulnerability: Characterizing the Issue of Friction in the Modelling and Practice of Procurement", in Supply Chains: Theory and Application, Vedran Kordic, Editor, ARS Publishing.

N.C. Simpson and S. Selcuk Erenguc, "Modeling Multiple Stage Manufacturing Systems with Generalized Cost and Capacity Issues",Naval Research Logistics.

N.C. Simpson, "Multiple Stage Planning Heuristics in Rolling Horizon Assembly Environments," European Journal of Operational Research.

N.C. Simpson, "Questioning the Relative Virtues of Dynamic Lot Sizing Rules," Computers and Operations Research.

N.C. Simpson and S. S. Erenguc, "Modeling the Order Picking Function in Supply Chain Management: Formulation, Experimentation, and Insights," IIE Transactions.

N.C. Simpson, "Partial Credit in Multiple-Choice Exams: Improving Large-Scale Assessment of Multiple Constituencies," International Journal of Intercultural Information Systems.

N.C. Simpson, "Asynchronous Access to Conventional Course Delivery: A Pilot Project," British Journal of Educational Technology.