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photo of Adel Sadek

Adel Sadek, PhD

Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Associate Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Transportation Systems Engineering


  1. L. A. Hoel, N. J. Garber, and A. W. Sadek. (2008). Transportation Infrastructure Engineering – A Multi-modal
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  2. M. Chowdhury and A. W. Sadek. (2003). Fundamentals of Intelligent Transportation Systems Planning. Artech House,
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(Underlined names are those of the students working under my direct supervision)

  1. S. Huang, A.W. Sadek and Y. Zhao. (2012). Assessing the mobility and environmental benefits of reservation-based
    intelligent intersections using an integrated simulator. Accepted for publication in IEEE Transaction on Intelligent
    Transportation Systems.
  2. S. Huang, A.W. Sadek and L. Guo. (2012). Dynamic Origin-Destination Estimation in Large-scale Micro-simulation
    Models using Semi-heuristic Algorithms. Accepted for publication in ASCE Journal of Computing.
  3. S. Huang, L. Guo, Y. Yang, I. Casas, and A.W. Sadek. (2012). Dynamic Demand Estimation and Microscopic Traffic
    Simulation of a University Campus Transportation Network. Accepted for publication in Transportation Planning and
  4. Y. Zhao, A.W. Sadek, and D.P. Fuglewicz. (2012). Modeling Inclement Weather Impact on Freeway Traffic Speed at the
    Macroscopic and Microscopic Levels. Accepted for publication in the Journal of the Transportation Research Board.
  5. J. Ring and A.W. Sadek. (2012). Predicting Lane Utilization and Merge Behavior at Signalized Intersections with
    Auxiliary Lanes: A Buffalo, New York, Study. Accepted for publication in ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering.