Reaching Others University at Buffalo - The State University of New York
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Continuing UB’s long tradition of groundbreaking accomplishments, this strength works to facilitate a vibrant and dynamic environment for artistic creation.


Advancing research and scholarship to address social and policy challenges, persistent inequalities and sharing that research with scholars, community leaders and policy makers.


Bringing together research on race, gender, poetics, aesthetics and other aspects of history, language, literature, art and culture, this strength explores the human condition.


With our structural engineering and geohazard studies research, UB is working to make our world a safer place in the event of disasters.


Living a healthy life into one’s 10th decade is the central focus of this strength. Our goal is to facilitate discoveries greatly impacting human health.


Advances in computing affect progress in every area of society. Capitalizing on our research, this strength is helping to create a vibrant research community and discover tomorrow's next technological breakthrough.


Enabling collaborations in nanoscience and nanotechnology and areas where innovation can revolutionize our world.


Pioneering new approaches to medical and biological research, our interdisciplinary teams of scientists are addressing many difficult problems with the goal of achieving research discoveries.