Our Transformation Initiatives

Digital Communication Transformation

The Digital Communication Transformation project produces and implements recommendations for improving campus Web communications. This work has led to recommendations for the university to implement campus-wide standards and tools for a branded, message-centric, user-friendly Web environment.

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This project has provided the UB community with shared tools, templates, standards, documentation, information architecture and staffing models that will help the university grow to a more mature, consistent, well-branded Web environment. Visit the DCT website for more information on this project.


  • Practices and infrastructure that fit UB’s Web environment, its mission and its strategic goals, scalable for the UB enterprise
  • Standards and information architecture that can be used by university programs, schools and departments
  • Templates that can be shared throughout the university, geared to helping users produce what they need efficiently and effectively
  • Web content, production workflow and roles
  • Web Content Management System (CMS) product using existing infrastructure
  • Identification of centralized resources needed for Web development support

Key Benefits

  • Standardized institutional branding and enhanced school branding and messaging
  • Consistency in navigation with a friendly user experience
  •  Ease of use regardless of technical competency
  • Increased integrity of content and better processes for content providers and editors
  • Content syndication, enriching multiple sites
  • Centralized servers and applications and secure systems administration
  • Fostering Relationships with Diverse Constituencies
  • The results of the Web Content Initiative project will allow the university to foster better and long-lasting relationships with its many diverse constituencies—including:
    - local and global audiences
    - prospective and current students
    - faculty, staff and alumni
    - current and prospective recipients of health and medical care
    - philanthropic donors
  • UB also will benefit by improving its marketing, training, customer support and in-house university community communication.