Student Services Transformation Updates


Enabling students to navigate services through the MyUB Web environment and conduct transactions in a click-easy manner.

Final Update

The team is pleased to report that as part of the September 2010 web status reports, will be our final, formal update.  Future MyUB updates will be in support of specific module go-lives, and will be reported as part of their communication plans.

We are anxiously waiting our first domestic undergraduate applicants to access UBSIS via the “Applicant MyUB” in October. The “Applicant MyUB” provides a simplified MyUB view to support domestic undergraduate applicant access to their Student Centers, where they can monitor their application status and progress.

Now that the Schedule of Classes and Undergraduate Admissions are live in production, we’ve had additional staff members begin using MyUB to access UBSIS via their “UB Student Information System” (UBSIS) channel.  This channel provides links to UBSIS, as well as the training and documentation website.

In preparation to support other module student go-lives, we have been user-testing coaching techniques to transition students from legacy links and applications to utilizing the new Student Center for their academic and financial transactional needs. We will be working with both the modules and communication team to coordinate details this spring.

The team would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the key stakeholder offices who have assisted throughout the SST project: ACS, SARFS and University Communications; as well as our fellow module teammates on the project.