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Consolidation: File/Print Implementation


March 20, 2009

CAS, WBFO, USS Client Technologies, Architecture, UB Development, GSE, Law, Facilities and the School of Management have been given space in the Collab area of UBFS. Upcoming activities include upgrading the Network Appliance filers and replacing our existing WebDAV solution.


University at Buffalo has over 120 file servers with approximately 70TB of used storage. Each one of these file servers provides services to different, and in some cases, overlapping constituencies. The policies for data retention, reliability, redundancy, and disaster recovery vary depending on the resources available to the IT service provider. In addition, many of the file servers also provide print queue services.

The multidisciplinary nature of current research activity suggests that services should be developed to facilitate easy collaboration. At the same time, data security measures must be put in place to ensure that individuals only have access to data they are entitled to.

The team’s goals include consolidating all standard file services on campus into one service instance. Using the current UBFS replacement project as a technical base, we propose that file services that do not have exceptional needs be consolidated into a single campus-wide file service. Examples of exceptional needs would include high-performance research SANs.

Other goals are to consolidate all Unix print queue services on campus into one service instance, and toconsolidate all Mac/Windows print queue services on campus into one service instance.

With the elimination of the majority of the file servers comes the need to relocate the print queues those servers were also providing. Due to limited cross-platform printing standards, we recommend two implementations at this time.


  • Steve Heist, Project Lead
  • Mike Doggendorf
  • Mark Ferguson
  • Amy Hendricks
  • Teri Metz-Zagskorn
  • Matt Stock
  • Eric Warner