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University at Buffalo's strategic vision

Faculty Directory

close up image of graphene, a nanomaterial being developed at UB

Below, you will find a list of faculty members associated with the Strategic Strength in Integrated Nanostructured Systems, along with their contact info.

Faculty Email Department
Aga, Diana Chemistry
Alexandridis, Paschalis  Chemical and Biological Engineering
Allen-King, Richelle Geology
Anderson, Wayne Electrical Engineering
Andreadis, Stelios Chemical and Biological Engineering
Autschbach, Jochen Chemistry
Balu-Iyer, Sathy V. Pharmaceutical Sciences
Banerjee, Sarbajit Chemistry
Bank, Tracy Geology
Basaran, Cemal Civil Engineering
Bergey, Jim Chemistry
Bird, Jonathan Electrical Engineering
Bright, Frank V. Chemistry
Canty, John Medicine; Physiology and Biophysics
Cartwright, Alexander N. Electrical Engineering
Chemler, Sherry Chemistry
Cheng, Chong Chemical and Biological Engineering
Chung, Deborah D.L. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Colon, Luis A. Chemistry
Coppens, Philip Chemsitry
Detty, Michael Chemistry
Dziak, Rosemary Oral Biology
Errington, Jeffrey R. Chemical and Biological Engineering
Fu, John Y. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Ganapathy, Sambandamurthy Physics
Gardella, Joseph A. Chemistry
Garvey, James F. Chemistry
Gasparini, Francis M. Physics
Gong, Bing Chemistry
Gunawardena, Shermali Biological Sciences
Havard, Patty Pharmacy Practice
Hicks, Wesley Otolaryngology (RPCI)
Hu, Xuedong Physics
Hua, Susan Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jacobs, Amy Microbiology and Immunology
Jones, Matthew D. Center for Computational Research
Kalman, Thomas Chemistry
Keister, Jerry Chemistry
Khan, Mohamed K. Radiation Medicine, Cellular Stress and Biophysical Therapies
Koc, Bahattin Industrial and Systems Engineering
Kofke, David A. Chemical and Biological Engineering
Krzyzanski, Wojciech Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lewis, Kemper Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Litchinitser, Natalia M. Electrical Engineering
Lund, Carl Chemical and Biological Engineering
Luo, Hong Physics
Markelz, Andrea Physics
McCombe, Bruce D. Physics
Meng, Hui Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Meyer, Anne E. Oral Diagnostic Sciences
Mitin, Vladimir Electrical Engineering
Morrow, Janet Chemistry
Nancollas, George Chemistry
Neelamegham, Sriram Chemical and Biological Engineering
Oh, Kwang W. Electrical Engineering
Park, Sheldon Chemical and Biological Engineering
Petrou, Athos Physics
Pierchala, Brian Biological Sciences
Pralle, Arnd Physics/Dept. of Biophysics and Physiology
Prasad, Paras N. Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Medicine
Ruckenstein, Eli Chemical and Biological Engineering
Rzayev, Javid Chemistry
Sachs, Frederick Physiology and Biophysics
Sergeev, Andrei Electrical Engineering
Strasser, Gottfried Electrical Engineering
Straubinger, Robert Pharmaceutical Sciences
Swihart, Mark T. Chemical and Biological Engineering
Takeuchi, Esther Chemical and Biological Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Tezal, Mine Oral Diagnostic Sciences
Titus, Albert H. Electrical Engineering
Tsianou, Marina Chemical and Biological Engineering
Watson, David F. Chemistry
Weinstein, Bernard A. Physics
Xu-Friedman, Matthew Biological Sciences
Yoon, Yong Kyu Electrical Engineering
Yu, Michael C. Biological Sciences
Zeng, Hao Physics
Zhang, Peihong Physics
Zurek, Eva  
Zutic, Igor Physics