Faculty Directory

close up image of graphene, a nanomaterial being developed at UB

Below, you will find a list of faculty members associated with the Strategic Strength in Integrated Nanostructured Systems, along with their contact info.

Faculty Email Department
Aga, Diana dianaaga@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Alexandridis, Paschalis palexand@buffalo.edu  Chemical and Biological Engineering
Allen-King, Richelle richelle@geology.buffalo.edu Geology
Anderson, Wayne waanders@eng.buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Andreadis, Stelios sandread@buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Autschbach, Jochen jochena@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Balu-Iyer, Sathy V. svb@buffalo.edu Pharmaceutical Sciences
Banerjee, Sarbajit sb244@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Bank, Tracy tlbank@buffalo.edu Geology
Basaran, Cemal cjb@buffalo.edu Civil Engineering
Bergey, Jim bergeye@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Bird, Jonathan jbird@buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Bright, Frank V. chefvb@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Canty, John canty@buffalo.edu Medicine; Physiology and Biophysics
Cartwright, Alexander N. anc@buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Chemler, Sherry schemler@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Cheng, Chong ccheng8@buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Chung, Deborah D.L. ddlchung@buffalo.edu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Colon, Luis A. lacolon@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Coppens, Philip coppens@buffalo.edu Chemsitry
Detty, Michael mdetty@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Dziak, Rosemary rdziak@buffalo.edu Oral Biology
Errington, Jeffrey R. jerring@buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Fu, John Y. youweifu@buffalo.edu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Ganapathy, Sambandamurthy sg82@buffalo.edu Physics
Gardella, Joseph A. gardella@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Garvey, James F. garvey@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Gasparini, Francis M. fmg@buffalo.edu Physics
Gong, Bing bgong@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Gunawardena, Shermali sg99@buffalo.edu Biological Sciences
Havard, Patty pfhavard@buffalo.edu Pharmacy Practice
Hicks, Wesley wesley.hicks@roswellpark.org Otolaryngology (RPCI)
Hu, Xuedong xhu@buffalo.edu Physics
Hua, Susan zhua@eng.buffalo.edu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jacobs, Amy ajacobs2@buffalo.edu Microbiology and Immunology
Jones, Matthew D. jonesm@buffalo.edu Center for Computational Research
Kalman, Thomas tkalman@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Keister, Jerry keister@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Khan, Mohamed K. Mohamed.khan@roswellpark.org Radiation Medicine, Cellular Stress and Biophysical Therapies
Koc, Bahattin bkoc@buffalo.edu Industrial and Systems Engineering
Kofke, David A. kofke@buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Krzyzanski, Wojciech wk@buffalo.edu Pharmaceutical Sciences
Lewis, Kemper kelewis@eng.buffalo.edu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Litchinitser, Natalia M. natashal@buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Lund, Carl lund@eng.buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Luo, Hong luo@buffalo.edu Physics
Markelz, Andrea amarkelz@buffalo.edu Physics
McCombe, Bruce D. mccombe@buffalo.edu Physics
Meng, Hui huimeng@buffalo.edu Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Meyer, Anne E. aemeyer@acsu.buffalo.edu Oral Diagnostic Sciences
Mitin, Vladimir vmitin@buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Morrow, Janet jmorrow@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Nancollas, George ghn@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Neelamegham, Sriram neel@eng.buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Oh, Kwang W. kwangoh@buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Park, Sheldon sjpark6@buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Petrou, Athos petrou@buffalo.edu Physics
Pierchala, Brian bap7@buffalo.edu Biological Sciences
Pralle, Arnd apralle@buffalo.edu Physics/Dept. of Biophysics and Physiology
Prasad, Paras N. pnprasad@buffalo.edu Departments of Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Medicine
Ruckenstein, Eli feaeliru@buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Rzayev, Javid jrzayev@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Sachs, Frederick sachs@buffalo.edu Physiology and Biophysics
Sergeev, Andrei asergeev@eng.buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Strasser, Gottfried gs48@buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Straubinger, Robert rms@buffalo.edu Pharmaceutical Sciences
Swihart, Mark T. swihart@eng.buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Takeuchi, Esther et23@buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Tezal, Mine mtezal@buffalo.edu Oral Diagnostic Sciences
Titus, Albert H. ahtitus@buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Tsianou, Marina mtsianou@eng.buffalo.edu Chemical and Biological Engineering
Watson, David F. dwatson3@buffalo.edu Chemistry
Weinstein, Bernard A. phyberni@buffalo.edu Physics
Xu-Friedman, Matthew mx@buffalo.edu Biological Sciences
Yoon, Yong Kyu ykyoon@eng.buffalo.edu Electrical Engineering
Yu, Michael C. mcyu@bio.buffalo.edu Biological Sciences
Zeng, Hao haozeng@buffalo.edu Physics
Zhang, Peihong Pzhang3@buffalo.edu Physics
Zurek, Eva ezurek@buffalo.edu  
Zutic, Igor zigor@buffalo.edu Physics