Hao Zeng, Ph.D.

Department of Physics, Assistant Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Nanoscale magnetism; Spin dependent charge transport in nanostructures; Self-assembled nanostructures and hybrid materials

Book Chapters

 1.    Nanoscal Materials for Extreamly High-Density Recording 
         D. J. Sellmyer, C. P. Luo, Hao Zeng,  in Magnetic Storage Systems Beyond 2000, Ed. G.C.
         Hadjipanayis (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2001), p. 163-170.

 2.   Magnetic Nanocrystals and Arrays
        Y. Liu, M. Zheng, H. Zeng, and D. J. Sellmyer,  in Nanophase and Nanostructured
        Materials, eds. Z.L. Wang, Y. Liu, and Z. Zhang, Kluwer  Academic/Plenum Publishers 
        and Tsinghua University Press, Vol. 3, p. 215 (2003). 

 3.    New Magnetic Recording Materials
        Y. Liu, M. Yan, S. Sun and H. Zeng in Handbook of Advanced Magnetic Materials ed. 
        Y. Liu, D.J. Sellmyer and D. Shindo, Springer Verlag (2006)

Recent Journal Articles

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