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photo of Chunming Qiao

Chunming Qiao, Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Photonic switching, optical interconnection networks, reconfigurable systems and parallel algorithms; All-optical networks, WDM/TDM communications, network architectures, control and management; Advanced networking and internetworking issues such as IP over WDM and next generation wireless system.

Recent Grants and Contracts

  1. "Collaborative Research: Ultra-Broadband Optical Wireless Communications Networks", National Science Foundation (NSF), $550,000, Sept. 2004 - Aug. 2008. PI/PD for UB with Q. Liu of Oakland University (UB’s Share is $250,000).
  2. "Fast Failure Recovery in Mesh IP/WDM Networks", Sprint Advanced Technology Labs, $30,000, Sept. 2004 - March 2005. PI/PD.
  3. "Advanced (G)MPLS Optical Networking", Fujitsu Labs (San Jose, CA), $20,000, Jan. 2005 - May 2005. PI/PD.
  4. "SGER - Exploring Sociological Orbits in Mobile Users’ Mobility Pattern", NSF, $50,000, Sept. 2005 - Aug 2006. PI/PD.
  5. "Integrated Access Network Technologies", NEC Labs America (Princeton, NJ), $90,000, Jan. 2006 - Aug. 2007. PI/PD.
  6. "A Feasibility Study of Optical Edge / Access Networks for GENI", GENI Project Office, $65,000, Sept. 2008 - Dec. 2010. PI/PD
  7. "Integrated Access Network Technologies", NEC Labs America (Princeton, NJ), $20,000, Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2008. PI/PD.
  8. "Integrated Access Network Technologies", NEC Labs America (Princeton, NJ), $5,000, Jan. 2009 - Dec. 2009. PI/PD.
  9. "A Robust and Resilient Network Design Paradigm for Region-based Faults inflicted by WMD Attacks", Defense Threat Reduction Agency, $758, 174 (pending contract negotiation), June 2009 to May 2012. Project PI is A. Sen of ASU, my share is about 1/4th.
  10. "Next Generation Wireless Systems", Fujitsu Labs ((Japan), $50,000, Sept. 2009 - Aug. 2010. PI/PD.