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An interdisciplinary workshop on the future of the humanities at the public university

November 13, 2014    2:00-5:00 pm    Capen Hall 107

2:00-2:15: Introduction: Jim Bono, History and Medicine, UB; Graham Hammill, English, UB

2:15-3:15: Session One: Moderator: David Castillo, Romance Languages and Literatures, UB

·       Gregg Lambert, English, Founding Director of the Syracuse University Humanities Center, and Principal Investigator of the Central New York Humanities Corridor, Syracuse University “Human / Humanities / Human Capital”

·      Kari Winter, Transnational Studiesand Director of the Gender Institute, UB “Good-bye University, Hello STEM Corps (e): Margaret Atwood and the Dawn of Post-Humanity”

3:15-3:30: Break

3:30-5:00: Session Two: Moderator: Susan Cahn, History, UB

·      John McGowan, Englishand Comparative Literature, and Former Director of the Institute for Artsand Humanities, UNC “The Research University, Public Education, and the Humanities”

·      Erik Seeman, Historyand Director of the Humanities Institute, UB “The Festival Model of Public Engagement”

·       Gail Radford, History, UB “How History Can Best Inform Public Debate”

During the past decade, public universities have undergone dramatic restructuring due to budget cuts and austerity measures, while a confluence of other trends continue to make the purpose of higher education a matter of intense public debate. Tuition increases, new technological opportunities, and the increased pressure for universities to serve as engines of economic growth have opened a national and international discussion about the value of the Humanities in higher education. “Publics/ Intellectuals/ Humanities” takes up these debates in a roundtable setting, asking about the role of the Public Arts and Humanities in contemporary democratic society.

Sponsored by the Humanities Institute and by Cultures and Texts Academic and Strategic Strength and the Provost’s Office of Strategic Initiatives.

Previous Workshops

Below, please find information about the previous interdisciplinary workshops organized by Cultures and Texts. Each PDF is a flyer describing the workshop, along with a list of participants and what was discussed.