Faculty Directory

Below, you will find a list of faculty members associated with the Strategic Strength in Cultures and Texts, along with their contact info and research interests.

Name Department Research Interests
Ablow, Rachel English Victorian literature and culture; history of the novel; gender and sexuality; history of the emotions
Anderson, Nancy Visual Studies History of Scientific Imaging
Bacigalupo, Ana Mariella Anthropology Medical anthropology; anthropology of religion; social theory; post-structural theory; narratives and practices of health and illness; ethnomedicine; anthropology of the body; phenomenology; death and dying; self and personhood; body politics; shamanism and the nature of the postcolony; indigenous knowledge; experts and non-experts; ritual memory; power and authority; gender and sexuality; the late modern world viewed from the fourth world; materiality and fetishism; historicity; social memory and indigenous histories; indigenous Latin America; Mapuche.
Bay-Cheng, Sarah Theater and Dance Avant-garde theatre and film; modernist literature and performance; performance poetics; sexuality in modern drama; intersections of technology and theatre
Biehl, Peter Anthropology Neolithic and Copper Age Europe and Near East; Archaeological Method and Theory; Cognitive Archaeology and the Social Meaning of Visual Imagery and Representation; Archaeology of Cult and Religion; Multimedia in Archaeology; Museum Management; Cultural Heritage.
Böhlen, Marc Media Study Media Robotics
Bono, Barbara J. English Early Modern British literature,especially Sidney,Spenser,and the dramatic literature of Shakespeare and his contemporaries;feminist and cultural materialist theory and history
Bono, James J. History and Medicine Science and medicine during the Renaissance and early modern periods; Scientific Revolution; the history of the body and sexuality; the role of metaphor and narrative in science; medical humanities, literature and medicine, and the narrative construction of illness and the physician-patient relationship.
Bramen, Carrie Tirado  English Nineteenth century American literature; U.S. Latino literature, cultural history; critical race theory; transatlantic & intellectual history
Brokaw, Galen Romance Languages and Literatures Colonial Latin American Studies; Historiography; Nahuatl language and culture; Indigenous writing; Indigenismo; the Andean khipu
Brutt-Griffler, Janina Polish Studies and Graduate School of Education Language usage in society; the exploration of multilingualism; contemporary dialogue on heritage languages; language maintenance
Burkman, Thomas Asian Studies Japan’s relationship to world order in the decades of the 1920s and 1930s
Buscaglia, Jose American Studies Caribbean mulataje and metaphorical subjectivity; coloniality and post-national studies; travel narratives; piracy; contraband and peoples of the sea; the Cuban Revolution and Caribbean caudillismo; Caribbean architecture and urban history; paleography and archival research
Cahn, Susan History U.S. Women's History; History of Sexuality; African American History; Southern History; Feminist Theory; LGBQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Queer)Studies
Caplan, Elliot Media Study Theatre Design and Direction; Film; Documentaries
Castillo, David Romance Languages and Literatures Early Modern and Baroque Studies; Spanish Golden Age; Cultural criticism
Chiesa, Laura Romance Languages and Literatures Modern and Contemporary Italian Studies; Critical Theory; Architecture; Film and Visual
Coffee, Neil Classics Epic poetry; Roman imperial literature and culture; Hellenistic philosophy; the classical tradition; classics and computing; conversational Latin
Cohen, Richard Philosophy
Conrad, Anthony Media Study Video Art; History of Music; Audio and Visual Performance
Conte, Joseph English Twentieth-century poetry; postmodern fiction; postmodern theory
Copjec, Joan English psychoanalysis; film theory; feminism; philosophy; art & architectural theory
Daly, Robert English American literature; cognitive theory; literature and ethics
Daum, Andreas History German, European, and Transatlantic History from the late 18th to the 21st century; History of Science and Knowledge; Cultural and Political History
Dean, Tim English Queer Theory; Psychoanalysis; Poetry and Poetics; Modernism; LGBT Studies; Literary Theory; Cultural Studies
Des Forges, Roger History Chinese cultural, political, and social history; Chinese myth, history, and historiography; the founding and consolidation of the Qing dynasty; Chinese history and civilization in comparative and global perspectives
Dewald, Jonathan History France; social and cultural history of early modern Europe
Duggan, John Classics Latin literature; prose and poetry of the late Roman Republic; Greek and Roman rhetoric and oratory; ancient and modern literary theory and aesthetics; Cicero.
Dyson, Stephen Classics History and archaeology of the City of Rome; archaeology of Roman Italy and the western empire;the history and theory of archaeology; Roman social history; the Roman countryside
Elder, Sarah Media Study Filming across cultural and social boundaries
Emberton, Carole History Reconstruction; the role of guns in political life and culture; the evolution of self-defense as a fundamental American right
Flaugh, Christian Romance Languages and Literatures Francophone Caribbean studies; migrant literature of Québec; studies of bodily normality (e.g. freak culture and disability studies); theatre
Franquesa, Jaume Anthropology Spain, Southern Europe, economic anthropology, urban anthropology, tourism and heritage, urban renewal and gentrification, wind farms and the political economy of alternative energy.
French, Rebecca Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy
Frisch, Michael American Studies Oral/Public History: Theory and Practice; Urban/Social history, especially deindustrialization and responses to it; industrial heritage as policy domain; urban public history; theory of documentary; implications of new digital methodologies for oral/public history; pedagogy; community-based documentation projects
Gaynor, Jennifer History S ocial and cultural history of modern Indonesia and maritime Southeast Asia; historiography and the intersections of history and anthropology
Gerber, David History United States; transnational social fields; problems of pluralism
Good, Jeffrey Linguistics Syntax; Morphology; Historical Linguistics; Typology; Niger-Congo Languages; Computer-assisted Linguistics
Graves Munroe, Amy Romance Languages and Literatures 16th century French literature; History of the book and material culture; Propaganda and polemics; Wars of Religion (Protestant and Catholic Reformations); Historiography
Hammill, Graham English Early-modern British literature; cross-disciplinary studies in critical theory and visual arts.
Herzberg, David History Medicines & Drugs; Popular Culture
Hubbard, Stacy English Nineteenth and twentieth century American literature and culture; poetry and poetics; transatlantic modernism; feminist studies and women’s literature; visual studies
Jameson, Maureen Romance Languages and Literatures French narrative of the 19th and 20th centuries; Flaubert; Proust; contemporary hypertext writing and theorizing; humanities education and the web
Keane, Damien English Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Irish writing; transnational modernism; sound [recording technology, radio, music] ; archives, material textuality, libraries; critical theory, sociology, cultural materialism
Klaits, Frederick Anthropology Care in social practice and political theory; Religion and healing; Humanitarianism; HIV/AIDS care; Semiotics of asking and giving; Botswana, southern Africa, United States.
Koenig, Jean-Pierre Linguistics Syntax/Semantics Interface; Cognitive Semantics; Formal Semantics (especially Discourse Representation Theory); Gricean Pragmatics; Computational Linguistics; Psycholinguistics (especially Sentence Processing)
Korsmeyer, Carolyn Philosophy
Langfur, Hal History Colonial and post-independence Brazil; early modern Atlantic world; race relations; comparative indigenous history; cross-cultural encounters; cultures of violence.
Lyon, Arabella English Rhetorical theory; ordinary language philosophy
Ma, Ming Qian English Contemporary innovative poetry and poetics in relation to philosophy, science, and arts
Mack, Ruth English Eighteenth-century British literature; historiography; history of literary criticism
Malamud, Martha Classics Imperial Latin Literature; Roman Epic; Late Antique Literature
Mardorossian, Carine English World Literature; Postcolonial and Caribbean studies; Feminist Theory
Mazon, Patricia History Culture and politics of modern Germany; higher education; gender
Mazzio, Carla English Shakespeare; Renaissance English and European Literature; History of Science (particularly medicine and mathematics); History of the Book; Media and Technology; History of the Disciplines
McCaffery, Steve English Contemporary Poetry, Poetics and Critical Theory
McCarthy, Theresa American Studies Native American Studies, especially Haudenosaunee traditionalism and languages in contemporary contexts; Haudenosaunee citizenship/clans; Haudenosaunee women;historiography of anthropological research on the Iroquois; Iroquois factionalism; linguistic research methodologies; community-based/applied research initiatives
McDevitt, Patrick History 19th-20th c., Ireland, Great Britain; the Atlantic World; Haiti; imperialism; popular culture; liberation theology & social justice
Miller, Cristanne English Nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American poetry; gender and language issues; comparative modernist poetry; the effects of the Civil War on U.S. poetry as a genre; Emily Dickinson; Marianne Moore; Mina Loy; Else Lasker-Schüler; the cities of New York and Berlin between 1900 and 1930; Civil War poetry.
Miller, Steven English 19th and 20th Century European literatures; psychoanalytic theory; continental philosophy; translation studies
Moynihan, Susan English Asian American Literature & Culture; Autobiography Studies; American Studies
Muller, Dalia History Latin America and Caribbean / Gulf region; expatriates and exiles; Pan-Americanism, Hispanism and Americanismo
Neofotistos, Vasiliki Anthropology The Balkans, Eastern Europe, violence, political anthropology, the anthropology of war and peace, the interface between social anthropology and policy-making, conflict management and prevention, post-conflict stablization, and democracy building.
Nightingale, Carl American Studies Race theory and racial justice; Urban history; World history; Urban racial segregation in global perspective; Youth culture and activism; youth culture as a global phenomenon; Community organizing; African American history
Otto, Elizabeth Visual Studies Masculinity and the political; cultural and gendered valences of represented bodily fragmentation in multiple media of later nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Germany; the relationship between popular visual cultures and Modernism; the visual representation of New Womanhood as a trans-national phenomenon; gendered neoclassicism and French Cubism;the intersection of film and photographic technologies.
Pack, Sasha History Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Region; Fascism and Authoritarianism; Politics and Religion; Travel and Tourism History; Comparative History
Pollock, Donald Anthropology  the culture of contemporary medicine (including the social history of physician autobiography, the culture of tertiary care medicine, and health disparities); and traditional healing, shamanism, and personhood in Amazonian communities.
Radford, Gail History 20th century U.S. public policy; political economy; urban history; and social movements
Reed-Danahay, Deborah Anthropology Anthropology of citizenship and modes of national, transnational, and supranational belonging; memoir, personal narrative, and autoethnography; anthropology and education; social theory; history of anthropology; anthropology of Europe (esp. European Union, Western Europe, France); rural studies; immigration policy and process in the United States and Europe; Vietnamese diaspora.
Roussel, Roy Media Study and English Gender; Joseph Conrad
Runstedtler, Theresea American Studies U.S. Cultural and Social History; reconstruction to the Present; Race; Popular Culture, and the Media; African American and African Diaspora Studies; U.S. Transnational/Imperial History; U.S.; Racial and Ethnic Formations; Race and Globalization; European Race Relations
Schen, Claire History Early Modern Britain; Piety and Religion; Piracy
Schiff, Randy English Arthur and Empire; Chaucer; Courtly Love; Middle English Romance; Pre-Postcolonialism;  Shakespeare
Schmid, David English Cultural Studies; Popular Culture; 20th Century and Contemporary British and American Fiction
Schmitz, Neil English Civil War studies; 19th and 20th century American Literature
Seeman, Erik History Colonial North America; religion; Indian; African-Americans; death
Shechner, Mark English American fiction; Jewish-American intellectual life; James Joyce
Solomon, William English 20th Century American Literature
Soto-Crespo, Ramón  American Studies Latina/o studies; Caribbean and Latin American literature; Continental philosophy; Psychoanalysis; Queer studies
Stapleton, Kristin History and Asian Studies Urban politics and administration; the history of Chinese family life; humor in history; the place of non-U.S. history in American intellectual life
Stott, Andrew English British entertainment culture from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, including illegitimate theatre, spectacle, afterpieces, the emergence of industrialized entertainment industries, and clowning and pantomime; Shakespeare and renaissance drama; early-modern visual culture; the history and philosophy of comedy; critical and cultural theory, cultural studies and popular culture.
Stratigakos, Despina  Architecture Gender and modernity in European cities
Tedlock, Barbara Anthropology Research Interests: Psychological and cognitive anthropology; anthropology of art and aesthetics; ethnomedicine; shamanism; American Southwest and Mesoamerica.
Tedlock, Dennis English Iindigenous languages; verbal arts; writing systems; and religions of the Western Hemisphere;the Koasati of Louisiana, the Zuni of New Mexico; the indigenous Hawaiians of Kaua‛i; the Mopán Maya of Belize; the K’iche’ Maya of Guatemala
Teegarden, David Classics Greek history; ancient Greek democracy; social scientific theory
Thomas, Gwynn Global Gender Studies Latin America; feminist theory; citizenship and state development; women's political participation and leadership; transnational feminism; Comparative women's movements
Thomas, Jean-Jacques Romance Languages and Literatures 19th- and 20th-century French poetry; poetics; linguistics; semiotics; literature and culture; and Francophone Studies of the New World (Canada, Caribbean, Louisiana)
Thornton, Tamara History American cultural and intellectual history; early republic and antebellum America; the structure of American intellectual life; American elites; history of reading and writing
Thurston, Tina Anthropology Archaeological theory; complex societies; colonialism; ethnicity and identity; conflict and conflict resolution; political ecology; pastoralism; agricultural intensification; landscape archaeology; regional analysis; ethnohistory; archaeological chemistry; European archaeology; Iron Age, Medieval, and Early Modern Scandinavia and Ireland.
Trumper, Camilo  American Studies Latin American History; Urban Studies; Visual Culture; Methods of Cultural History
Vander Wel, Stephanie Music Representations of class, race, and gender in country music
Vanouse, Paul Visual Studies "Big-Science" and Popular Culture
Vardi, Liana History France; intellectual life in the eighteenth century; the relationship between the arts and sciences; the perception of nature and of the rural world
Vargas, Margarita Romance Languages and Literatures Spanish-American Theater;, Spanish-American Literature; Mexican Literature; Feminist Criticism and Theory
Williams, Lillian African and African American Studies
Winter, Kari American Studies Quests for physical well-being; the ways in which oppression is written on the body through trauma, deprivation, violence, and degradation; how oppressed peoples attempt to endure and to affirm the value of their bodies; human quests for intellectual freedom and social change; the roles of literacy, art, education, economics, and sexual desire in oppression and in liberation; connections between freedom and acts of self-narration, articulations of desire, rituals of mourning, political movements and other forms of healing and empowerment.
Wu, Cynthia American Studies Asian American and comparative ethnic studies; disability studies; U.S. literatures from 1865 to the present;American literary regionalisms; queer of color analysis
Young, Jason History The Black Atlantic; U.S. Slave culture and religion; pre-colonial Kongo
Yu, Jiyuan Philosophy Greek Philosophy; Chinese Philosophy; Metaphysics and Ethics