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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic vision


James Bono, PhD

Department of History, Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Medicine, Associate Professor


Early Modern Europe

Current Research

  1. Figuring Science: Metaphor, Narrative, and the Cultural Location of Scientific Revolutions. To be published by Stanford University Press [Near completion].
  2. The Word of God and the Languages of Man: Interpreting Nature in Early Modern Science and Medicine. Volume 2, England, 1640-1670.
  3. “Instrument or Mechanism? William Harvey, Industrious Bodies, and Vital Materialism in Seventeenth-Century England.” To be published in an edited volume in memory of Don Bates, tentatively entitled, Medicine and the Soul of Science.
  4. “The Cultural Meanings of Images in the Scientific Revolution.” With Kenneth J. Knoespel.
  5. “Imagining Nature: Technologies of the Literal and the Scientific Revolution.”