Cultures and Texts (C&T)

Manuscripts from the James Joyce Archive.

Bringing together research on race, gender, poetics, aesthetics and other aspects of history, language, literature, art and culture, this strength encompasses research that looks critically at the world around us.

When established in 2005, the Cultures and Texts Strategic Strength emphasized three key areas of research at UB:

  • The Americas within the context of the Atlantic World
  • Language, Text, and Interpretation (with particular emphasis on Aesthetics and Theory; Race and Gender; and Sexuality and Identity)
  • Transnational and Diasporic Studies (including colonialism, postcolonialism, and emigration/immigration)

While continuing to affirm these three core areas as important to the mission of Cultures and Texts, the ensuing years have brought significant changes often as a result of the very success of Cultures and Texts initiatives. Thus, Cultures and Texts faculty hires, the changing ecology of intellectual and interdisciplinary activities fostered by such recent initiatives as the Humanities Institute together with numerous research workshops in the humanities, and the impact of recent programmatic hires have together significantly altered the configuration of interdisciplinary strengths at UB during the last seven years. Not surprisingly, the result is a transformed landscape of existing and emergent strengths and areas of new interest in the humanities. Such existing, emergent, or aspirational strengths and interests include, for example: Asian studies; early modern studies; environmental studies and ecocriticism; digital humanities and knowledge-media from the book to cyberspace; disability studies and the history of the body; European studies; science studies, the humanities, and the arts.

In short, this strength encompasses research that looks critically at the world around us through building networks of researchers that weave together the perspectives and methods of multiple disciplines.

Affiliated researchers come from a wide variety of disciplines, including anthropology, classics, history, literature, aesthetics, philosophy, language and linguistics, media and visual studies and represent several initiatives. As a strength, we engage faculty conducting research into culture in the Americas, the Atlantic World, Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as the routes and roots of various empires and diasporas. 

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