Research Fellows 2012-13

Civic Engagement Research Fellows

Kathleen Kost.

Kathleen Kost
Associate Professor, School of Social Work
Project Title: “Assessing Readiness for Change Among Village Leaders in Tanzania”
Community Research Partner:  Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa (IHSA), Kitenga, Tanzania

Jill Koyama.

Jill Koyama
Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy, Graduate School of Education
Project Title: “Collaboratively Tracing Refugee and Immigrant Newcomer Service Networks”
Community Research Partner: Buffalo English Language Learners (BELL) Network

Tony Szczygiel.

Tony Szczygiel
Professor, Law School
Project Title: “Canopy of Neighbors Public Benefits Screening Project”
Community Research Partner: Canopy of Neighbors

X Christine Wang.

X. Christine Wang
Associate Professor, Department of Learning and Instruction
Project Title: “iLearning3: Technology Enhanced Early Science and Literacy for Diverse Learners”
Community Research Partner: PS #39/Dr. Martin Luther King School, Buffalo Public Schools


Civic Engagement Grant Development Fellows

Erin Kearney.

Erin Kearney
Assistant Professor of Second & Foreign Language Education, Department of Learning and Instruction
Project Title: Foreign Language Instruction in Head Start: Laying Foundations for More Multilingual and Pluralistic Civic Life
Community Research Partner: Bethel Head Start

James Lenker.
Jordana Maisel.

James Lenker
Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Science
Jordana Maisel
Director, Outreach and Policy Studies, Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA) &  Department of Regional and Urban Planning, School of Architecture and Planning

Project Title: Assessing the Impact of the Complete Streets Initiatives in Medium-to-Large Municipalities
Community Research Partner: GOBike Buffalo

William Scheider.

William Scheider,
Assistant Professor, Social & Preventive Medicine
Project Title: A Community-University Research Partnership to Reduce Air Pollution and Its Health Effects in NW Erie County
Community Research partner: Erin Heaney/Clean Air Coalition


Civic Engagement Research Dissemination Fellows

Yunju Nam.

Yunju Nam
Assistant Professor, School of  Social Work
Project Title: Long-Term Financial Security Among Older Low-Income Asian Immigrants
Community Research Partner: National Asian pacific Center on Aging

Heather Orom.

Heather Orom
Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health & Health Behavior
Project Title: “Growing Healthy Together”: Using a Neighborhood Health Assessment to Engage Community Members in Collective Action for Health
Research Partner: ECMC’s Community Health Education and Outreach; Delevan-Grider Community Center

Miriam Paeslack.

Miriam Paeslack
Assistant Professor, Arts Management Program
Project Title: Ineffably Urban, Imaging Buffalo
Community Research Partner: Squeaky Wheel; PUSH Buffalo

Corrie Stone-Johnson.

Corrie Stone-Johnson
Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy
Project Title: College Readiness at the Crossroads: The Contemporary Challenge of Post-Secondary Preparation
Community Research Partner: Maryvale Union Free School District, Cheektowaga, NY

Matthew Withiam-Leitch.

Matthew Withiam-Leitch
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Project Title: Disability and Domestic Violence in Erie County: Facing the Challenge of Providing Community Services for Disabled Victims of DV
Community Research Partner: Family Justice Center of Erie County