Samina Raja, presenting at the Buffalo Food Policy Summit.

Dr. Samina Raja, UB School of Architecture and Planning, presenting at the 2011 Buffalo Food Policy Summit

CEPP has established two internal fellowship programs with a total of five fellowships to help advance and support community-based research by members of UB faculty.  These fellowships support community-based research used to study issues of social justice, equity, and public policy and the research may be local or global in scope.

In addition, as of 2015 CEPP has a new fellowship program that is supported by the National Research Mentoring Network (National Institutes of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences [NIGMS] Award Number U54 GM119023). See here for guidelines and application information for the Community-Based Health Disparities Research Mentoring Fellowship 2015-2017.

Civic Engagement Research Fellowship Program

The Civic Engagement Research Fellowship Program provides four fellowship opportunities for UB faculty members to advance their community-based research and engaged scholarship that address social and policy challenges. Community-based research requires collaboration with an external partner, and will confront issues whose scope ranges from the local to the global.

The application process for the second round of all four research fellowships for 2015-16 will begin by August 25, 2015.  This round includes the Civic Engagement Research Fellowship that has the broadest scope, the more narrowly focused Grant Development and Research Dissemination Fellowships, as well as the new Gregory J. Dimitriadis Research Mentoring Fellowship. This newest fellowship is in honor of Greg Dimitriadis, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy and founding member of the CEPP Faculty Advisory Committee. Available to all UB full-time faculty or faculty teams, this one-year fellowship supports mentoring to further a program of community-based research and scholarship.

Guidlelines and application materials for the 2015-16 Research Fellowships, Round Two, appear below. The deadline for applications for the first three fellowships is Tuesday, September 29, 2015 and the deadline for the Letter of Intent for the Research Mentoring Fellowship is Tuesday, September 22, 2015.

Community Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship Program

The Community Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship program provides an opportunity for members of UB faculty to work closely on campus with a community research partner from outside academia. Faculty members submit nominations for a Community Scholar to collaborate on a community-based research project and/or grant activities. 

Guidelines and application materials for the 2015-16 Round Two Community Scholars-in-Residence Fellowships appears below. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, September 22, 2015.

Community Scholar-in-Residence Fellowships Guidelines and application forms are available here.

Questions and applications for all fellowships should be directed to Laura Mangan, CEPP Coordinator, at Lmangan@buffalo.edu or 645-5376.