Workshops and Conferences

CEPP hosts and sponsors many public workshops and conferences each year, both on campus and throughout the Buffalo and Western New York community.  These community-wide research events facilitate discussion and networking between community research partners and scholars.  Annual research workshops are held to focus on the crisis of poverty in Buffalo, major forums bring in nationally recognized experts, and policy summits and workshops are held jointly with community organizations.

Buffalo Poverty Research Workshops

Poverty Research Workshops have been hosted annually since 2010 to offer everyone concerned with Buffalo’s crisis of poverty the chance to hear about new and ongoing research, promising strategies, and opportunities for collaboration. The workshops are designed for local scholars, social service agencies, advocates, and government leaders and staff, among others.

The workshops have been organized by CEPP in partnership with two regional coalitions involved in issues of social justice and public policy – the Homeless Alliance of WNY, and the Partnership for the Public Good -- and with the additional support of the WNY Service-Learning Coalition.

The workshop has attracted around 200 participants each year and has led to research collaborations and facilitated relationships between scholars and community members.

Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop VI  Flyer/program here.  Register here.
March 27, 2015: Central Library, Buffalo & Erie County Pubilc Library, Buffalo

Workshop topics: Community Policing, Refugees and Immigrants, Housing and Homelessness

Post-Workshop Lunch Discussion Groups, facilitated by workshop presenters

Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop V  (flyer/program here)
March 28, 2014: Central Library, Buffalo & Erie County Pubilc Library, Buffalo

In 2014, three UB faculty members presented their research and afterwards they were interviewed by Sam Magavern, co-director of Parthership for the Public Good. 

Session 1: Worker Equity with Dr. Erin Hatton, UB Sociology. Click here for the Hatton interview

Session 2: Suburbanization of Poverty with Dr. Corrie Stone-Johnson, UB Educational Leadership and Policy. Click here for the Stone-Johnson interview

Session 3: Criminal Justice with Teresa Miller, UB Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion and Professor, SUNY Buffalo Law School. Click here for the Miller interview

Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop IV: Poverty and Education
March 1, 2013: Olmsted Center for Sight, Buffalo

Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop III
March 2, 2012: Olmsted Center for Sight, Main St, Buffalo

Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop II: Homelessness & Women
March 4, 2011: St. Stanislaus Social Hall, Fillmore Ave, Buffalo
Additional sponsorship in 2011 was provided by the National Center on Family Homelessness, and with cosponsorship by the UB Gender Institute and WNY Women’s Fund.

Buffalo Poverty Research Workshop
February 26, 2010: Frank E. Merriweather Library, Buffalo

Public Forums and Workshops

  • New 2014-15 series, "Research on Aging: People, Policy, and Practice," will focus on aging-related issues. Researchers, service providers, community advocates, and others are invited to hear about new and ongoing research and promising strategies, and discuss opportunities for collaboration. In fall 2014, events will be held on October 2 featuring Diane Bessel, on October 20 with Louanne Bakk, and November 20 with Bruce R. Troen, MD (flyer with details here).  The series has been organized with the Institute for Person-Centered Care and the Institute for Innovation Aging Policy and Practice, UB School of Social Work
  • Public Health Policy Community Forum with Dr. Andy Coates, President, National Physicians for a National Health Program, on October 23 (flyer here) and a Health Policy Summit on October 24 with national, state, and local experts (flyer here).
  • Public Presentation on February 21, 2014 with Lenny Siegel, Executive Director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, speaking on "Beyond Community Engagement: Facilitating Public Involvement in Environmental Policy and Technical Decisions" (flyer here).
  • Research Roundtable Keynote address by Dr. Julian Agyeman, Tufts University, on "'Just Sustainabilities' in Food Systems Research" that was part of the 2nd Buffalo Food Policy Summit on October 23-24, 2013.
  • Major Public Forum on October 2, 2013 with Dr. Meredith Minkler from University of California, Berkeley on "Building Healthy Environmentts in Diverse Settings: The Value Added by Community-Engaged Research."  This event was a result of collaboration between CEPP and the Clean Air Coalition of WNY, the UB School of Public Health and Health Professions, and many other sponsors.  See here for information.
  • Cosponsored Public Workshops 
    • April 11, on "What’s Next with Lead?  No More Toxic Housing: Creative Legal, Policy, and Grassroots Solutions for Buffalo and Beyond" (details here).
    • May 14, on "Home Health Innovations: Bridging Research and Practice" (see here for full details).