Building UB: Our Physical Plan

Founders Plaza Reconstruction

Artistic rendition of a reconstructed Founder's Plaza

New plantings, restored paving, and public art have made the central public space on North Campus more lively and inviting.

The restoration of Founders Plaza and the Campus Promenade in 2007-08 dramatically improved  the image of the primary public space on the North Campus. Pavement was replaced, drainage improved, landscaping renewed, new furniture provided and a major public art installation deployed (“For the gentle wind doth move, silently, invisibly,” by renowned landscape sculptor Brian Tolle). Since then, new plantings are maturing, a weekly farmer’s market has found a home, and one of the great sunny gathering spaces on campus draws a crowd. Meanwhile, the campus master plan provides for the promenade to be extended east toward the Center for the Arts and west toward the Natural Sciences Complex to strengthen connections between places from one end of campus to the other.