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UB 2020

University at Buffalo's strategic plan

UB 2020 Planning Archives

Phase I: Academic Support Committee Membership

  • James A. Willis, Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President - Chair
  • Kathryn A. Foster, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Voldemar A. Innus, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Suzanne G. Laychock, Professor and Senior Associate Dean, Department of Pharmacology And Toxicology
  • Bruce D. McCombe, Distinguished Professor and Director, Center for Advanced Photonic and Electronic Materials, Department of Physics
  • Janet E. Penksa, Associate Vice President for University Services and Director, Government Affairs
  • E. Bruce Pitman, Associate Dean for Research, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Barbara J. Ricotta, Dean of Students and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Sean P. Sullivan, Vice Provost for Enrollment and Planning
  • John M. Thomas, Dean, School of Management
  • Joseph J. Zambon, Professor, Periodontics and Endodontics

Operational Assessment Teams

Cost and Revenue Decomposition

  • Mike LeVine - Leader
  • Kate Ferguson
  • Elaine Schaffer
  • Martha Barton
  • Pat DiNocola
  • Jim Nadbrzuch
  • Sandy Drabek
  • Joe Kerr
  • Sue Krzystofiak

Service Mapping

  • Bruce Pitman - Champion
  • Elias Eldayrie - Leader
  • Paul Goodman
  • Peter Rittner
  • Stephen Roberts
  • Charlie Kaars
  • Regina Toomey
  • Terri Mangione
  • Joe Krakowiaki
  • Lou Schmitt
  • Larry Chlebowy
  • Judy Miller
  • Nancy Kielar

Metrics and Benchmarking

  • Janet Penksa - Champion
  • Kathleen Bissonnette - Leader
  • Kim Greenfield
  • Subbiah Mantharam
  • Ken Tramposch
  • Mary Anne Rokitka
  • Jeff Dutton
  • Joanne Fletcher
  • Karen Senglaup

Workshops and Interviews

  • Barbara Ricotta - Champion
  • Barbara Mierzwa - Leader
  • Cynthia Shore
  • Mick Thompson
  • Paula Zagora
  • Laura Barnum
  • Andrea Costantino
  • Ryan McPherson