Smart Contracts

This second course of the Blockchain series focuses on the computational element of blockchain technology. Smart contracts allow for implementing user-defined operations of arbitrary complexity that are not possible through plain cryptocurrency protocols. They are a powerful feature that, when properly designed and coded, can result in autonomous, efficient and transparent systems. Participants will design and program smart contracts in Solidity language, test and deploy them in the Remix development environment, and invoke them from a simple web interface that Remix provides. The course features best practices for designing solutions with smart contracts using Solidity and Remix IDE. Along with other courses of the Blockchain series, the course provides the foundation to design and develop decentralized applications on the blockchain.

This online course is available on the Coursera platform.

Course Duration: Approximately 4 weeks (3.5-5 hours of effort per week)

Learning Outcomes

  • Design, code, deploy and execute a smart contract

Intended Audience

Anyone interested in designing and developing smart contracts


Mastery of content from the first course (Blockchain Basics) of this series

Credential Opportunities

  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs): TCIE grants 0.2 CEUs upon successful completion of this course for a fee of $25.
  • Professional Development Hours (PDHs): TCIE grants 2 PDHs upon successful completion of this course for a fee of $25.   

For either a CEU or PDH, a learner must complete a request form. The process entails providing proof of the learner’s Verified Certificate (VC) issued by Coursera. A VC indicates a learner has completed a course with a passing score (he/she does not receive a letter grade). CEUs and PDHs are eligible for those earning a certificate on November 11, 2019 or later.