Coaching Culture

This course is available for open enrollment.

High-performing companies that have successfully transformed into a Lean culture know that the “culture” part of Lean is the most important part. Culture is also the most difficult part to implement, understand, and even define. Performing Lean “tasks” without the framework and context of Lean culture may yield temporary benefits, but experience shows they are difficult to sustain. This course provides a forum in which we define Lean culture, and ways that Lean Leadership can foster this environment across all organizational functions. 

Hours: 8

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the importance of culture to sustain/nurture a Lean enterprise
  • Understand the steps for executing the Lean principle of pursuing perfection
  • Discuss ways to coach work teams
  • Develop a plan to work toward a continuous improvement culture

Intended Audience

Anyone who currently leads or seeks to lead continuous improvement efforts at an organization by using any discipline, including Lean, Six Sigma or ISO