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Young entrepreneurs discuss strategy in tenX, a co-working space in the UB Incbators at Baird Research Park.

UB and its resources strengthen the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem and improve the climate for business innovation.

The UB Incubators, the School of Management's Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences (CBLS), and the New York State Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI) lead the way. They support entrepreneurship programs across the spectrum for students, faculty and industry.

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NSF I-Corps Site Program at UB

Researchers in a lab

Move your technology out of the lab and into the customers' hands in this National Science Foundation (NSF) program.

For Additional Information

Contact the Program Director, Martin Casstevens at 645-8133 or mkc@buffalo.edu

What is I-Corps?

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The Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program is a free NSF initiative that assists researchers by evaluating their technology's market fit.  

The I-Corps site program at UB provides resources to individuals and teams in the form of seed funding, entrepreneurial mentoring, curriculum, or other assets needed to transition ideas and technology into the marketplace. 

Is this program for you?

1) Are you

  • a UB faculty member
  • a UB student or group working with a UB faculty member or
  • a group closely affiliated with a UB organization or program?

2) Is your technology or idea in alignment with what the NSF typically funds as part of its mission? If you are unsure, learn more here.

3) Are you interested in exploring the commercial potential of your technology AND willing to consider a startup to do it?

4) Are you (or your team) willing to devote the time? Each I-Corps team cohort attends three scheduled sessions, works on assignments between sessions, and obtain 25+ customer interviews over a seven-week period.

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, the NSF I-Corps Site Program at UB is right for you!

Apply today. 

Can you imagine what could happen when you participate in such a program?

Many I-Corps Site-supported teams make "go/no-go" decisions about commercialization.
Mentorship and guidance may assist with the direct commercialization of the team projects or ideas on how to tweak the technology to best meet the customer's needs.
Your application may be submitted by site teams to NSF's national stage I-Corps Programs.
You may kick-start your new businesses and/or gain a licensing agreement.
But most of all, you walk away with knowledge of how to asses the commercial viability of any new technical advancement.  

What happens after you're accepted?

Did you know? There are possible future benefits after participating:
  • Support to attend a national conference to meet more target customers.

  • Opportunity to apply to the national stage I-Corps program; accepted teams receive $50K to continue customer discovery.

  • Leverage your experience on the next proposal (like SBIRs); submissions now contain "insider knowledge" on industry and customer. 

  • Make connections that support the future growth of your business. 

  • Access to additional technology commercialization and SBIR support. 


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Student Entrepreneurs

Learn more about your opportunities.

Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL)


The CEL Core program aims to enhance the talents and abilities of practicing entrepreneurs. The mentor-driven program empowers entrepreneurs to overcome business challenges, create new opportunities and develop meaningful connections within the local business community.


The Allstate Minority and Women Emerging Entrepreneurs (MWEE) program creates opportunities for individuals leading minority-owned and women-owned enterprises into advanced stages of development. Its mission is to construct a pathway that enables minority and women entrepreneurs to move their companies to the next stage of development.

Startup CEL
high tech cel

WNY Incubator Network

Innovate. Incubate. Accelerate.

WNY Innovation Network

The WNY Incubator Network (WIN) is a collaborative network of incubators and entrepreneurial service providers from across Western New York, working together to turn our region into a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity. The WIN collaborators share best practices, networking, mentoring, educational and financial resources to better assist incubator client companies.

MFC Entrepreneurship Certificate

Build Your Future... Transform Your Life


Millard Fillmore College offers a program in entrepreneurship for persons interested in starting a small business or a new enterprise within an existing organization. The Certificate of Completion program emphasizes activities necessary for achieving success and ways of performing these activities with limited resources. 

Need more resources?

Check out Upstate NY Resources.