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President Tripathi talking about START-UP NY.

UB President Satish Tripathi notes the win-win opportunities for the university and the state through START-UP NY. 

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Advanced Materials & Manufacturing



    BAK USA, LLC is a new manufacturer of tablet PC devices.

  • DaStrong Corp.


    DaStrong Corp. is a new company developing and manufacturing a next generation cooling fan for electronic equipment.

  • Postprocess Technologies, LLC

    Post Process.

    Postprocess Technologies, LLC is an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) company that offers support removal systems, surface finish equipment, wastewater treatment systems, vacuum drying equipment, removal detergents, finishing media, consumables, coatings, and infusing work with all 3D printing technologies.

Biotech & Life Sciences

  • Abcombi Biosciences, Inc.

    Abcombi Biosciences.

    Abcombi Biosciences, Inc. (ABI) is a new biotechnology company in the pre-clinical stage of developing technology platforms that can be tailored an dapplied to any disease that is treatable via prophylactic vaccination.

  • Aesku NY, Inc.


    Aesku NY, Inc. is a research-focused supplier of innovative and efficient products and services for the early detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of autoimmune diseases.

  • Appistry


    Appistry partners with premier research hospitals and biotech companies to develop leading edge diagnostics using its innovations in high performance computing and its patented technologies on bioinformatics.

  • Asana Medical, Inc.

    Asana Medical.

    Asana Medical, Inc. is a medical device company that has developed a first-in-class tissue-engineered therapy for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis.

  • Biologichem, LLC


    Biologichem, LLC designs and produces value-added chemical products primarily for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

  • Canget BioTekpharma, LLC


    Canget BioTekpharma, LLC is a biotechnology research company and anti-cancer drug developer. It identified a water-insoluble novel drug that can improve outcomes for advanced late-stage metastatic/relapse colon cancer.

  • Chronicle LifeSci America Corp.

    Chronicle LifeSci.

    Chronicle LifeSci America Corp. is launching a mobile web portal, www.derm.city, to serve as a global clinical news and international social networking community for physicians.

  • Cytocybernetics, Inc.


    Cytocybernetics, Inc. is a company that has developed a lead product for the improvement of drug safety screening in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Efferent Labs


    Efferent Labs is a biotech company working to help those afflicted with disease have better, more effective treatment while reducing patient suffering and at the same time lowering the cost to the healthcare system.

  • EnerMed, LLC


    EnerMed, LLC is a biotechnology research and development company that owns, and intends to license, patent pending technologies for novel portable patient-specific wound and bone healing devices.

  • Enhanced Pharmacodynamics, LLC

    Enhanced Pharmacodynamics.

    Enhanced Pharmacodynamics, LLC is a new contract research organization that assists biotech and pharmaceutical drug development programs with techniques to guide dose selection.

  • For-Robin, Inc.


    For-Robin, Inc. is a New York State woman-owned biotechnology research and development enterprise established to revolutionize cancer treatment through targeted treatment of breast, colon, prostate, bladder, and other cancers.

  • ForaHealthyMe, Inc.


    ForaHealthyMe, Inc. has developed a clinically validated web and mobile platform, enabling people to be better informed, empowered, and engaged in the treatment and management of high-impact chronic conditions.

  • Genetesis, LLC


    Genetesis, LLC is a medical biotechnology company developing a device to measure electrochemical activity combined with data analytics, comparing the patient profile with known disorders of the body's electrophysiology.

  • GlucoGuide U.S. Corp.


    GlucoGuide U.S. Corp. is creating a mobile app that uses big data to keep people healthier, reduce healthcare costs, decrease absenteeism, and improve employee morale.

  • HarkerBIO, LLC


    HarkerBIO, LLC is a biotechnology business providing services to advance the development of pharmaceuticals, using technologies developed at the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute to accelerate the drug design process.

  • Healthcare Hub, LLC

    Healthcare Hub.

    Healthcare Hub, LLC is a company that is developing medical supplies and equipment that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

  • HemoGenyx, LLC


    HemoGenyx, LLC is a biotechnology company developing a patented new treatment for blood diseases, leveraging a special class of cells and increasing the efficacy of bone marrow transplants.

  • Infonaut Holdings, Inc.


    Infonaut Holdings, Inc. is a public health consulting business, specializing in data analysis and services for advanced disease solutions with the purpose of contorlling and stopping disease and infections.

  • LED Spirit, Inc.

    LED Spirit.

    LED Spirit, Inc. is a research company that has developed an LED lighting technology for indoor/outdoor applications. Teh technology is highly energy efficient, long lasting, and easily manufactured.

  • Lineagen, Inc.


    Lineagen, Inc. is a biotech company focused on commercialization of diagnistic testing methods for identifying genetic variations known to be associated with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays.

  • Nupur Technologies, LLC

    Nupur Technologies.

    Nupur Technologies, LLC is a research and development medical device company that is developing a device to clear blockages in the ear.

  • You First Services

    You First Services.

    You First Services intends to commercialize technologies that have been created in the laboratory setting but have not been supported by the resources necessary to get to the market.

  • ZeptoMetrix Corp.


    ZeptoMetrix Corp. is a biotechnology business specializing in products and services for the global infectious disease diagnostic market, offering support from initial test kit design to manufacturing and launch.

  • Zintera Corp.


    Zintera Corp. is an emerging tech company pioneering bio-inspired breakthroughs in cognitive-enabled AI technology. The company pursues challenging solutions, and deployments in health-care, genomics, life-sciences, and industrial applications.

Cleantech & Renewable Energy

  • Energy Intelligence, LLC

    Energy Intelligence.

    Energy Intelligence, LLC has developed an ultra-compact energy-harvesting technology to generate electricity from the motion of vehicles. It is developing ultra-compact, road-mounted technology intended for use at slow-down points.

  • Natural Energy Systems, Inc.

    Natural Energy Systems.

    Natural Energy Systems, Inc. converts sustainable organic waste to a clean-burning renewable fuel, ready for use in a variety of applications including vehicles, heating systems, and power generation.

Food & Beverages

No companies at this time.

Optics & Imaging

No companies at this time.


  • Greenwich Geriatrics, LLC

    Greenwich Geriatrics.

    Greenwich Geriatrics, LLC designs decision support software, which will help develop risk assessments, standardized care plans, and appropriate recommendations for individuals with complex medical problems.

  • ID Federator

    ID Federator.

    ID Federator, LLC provides hosted identity and access management services along with a social log-in service, helping site owners better accept and store credentials and data provided by users.

  • Liazon Corporation


    Liazon Corporation is a provider of private online health benefit exchanges. It's looking to expand its technology and its operations to accommodate increased demnad by insurance carriers, brokers, and employers.

  • Mitigate Injury Management

    Mitigate Injury Management.

    Mitigate Injury Management is an enterprise-level management consulting business providing an array of services to Fortune 1000 companies to improve their safety records and lower their worker compensation costs.

Transportation Equipment

No companies at this time.

Tech & Electronics

  • ACV Auctions Inc.


    ACV Auctions Inc. developed a mobile-based business-tobusiness app, enabling dealers to auction autos quickly and simply, in real time, and allowing them to operate in a more efficient manner.

  • Adiabatic Solutions, LLC.


    Adiabatic Solutions, LLC is a manufacturing company producing metal components for a wide variety of industries (energy, medical devices, automotive, and small engine) through a unique HBI-forming process.

  • Bodhi Seven Corporation

    Bodhi Seven.

    Bodhi Seven Corporation is a new media company developing Mindfulmarket.com, a niche multi-sided marketplace website similar to eBay. This site will act as a broker by connecting buyers and sellers with their niche products and services.

  • Buffalo Automation Group

    Buffalo Automation Group.

    Buffalo Automation Group, Inc. is developing cutting-edge self-navigation technology for boats and ships. The technology enables watercraft to operate without human intervention, while avoiding marine hazards.

  • ClearView Social, Inc.

    CV Social.

    ClearView Social, Inc. is a software company that is developing a social media application for the legal services community.

  • Cloud62, Inc.


    Cloud62, Inc. provides computer systems design services. The company acts as a service partner for Salesforce.com, helping its customers utilize the platform and manage their business in the cloud.

  • Coqui 3D, Inc.


    Coqui 3D, Inc. is a virtual reality/augmented reality content producer conducting research and development for an augmented reality surgery training software.

  • Decision Pace, Inc.

    Decision Pace.

    Decision Pace, Inc. is a software development company that provides data analytics web software to medium to large businesses that allows for immediate and high-value visualization company information.

  • Doolli, Inc.


    Doolli, Inc. is developing a user-friendly application platform for building and publishing databases and views of data sets. These databases will be searchable across multiple platforms and devices including browser, tablet, and mobile.

  • FarrowBOT, Inc.


    FarrowBOT, Inc. is developing and marketing a new prototype low cost animatronic display for the retail space which will also be a platform for interactive technology displays and educational exhibits.

  • Geocove, Inc.


    Geocove, Inc. is a software and application development company that creates custom geographic information systems (GIS) tools and provides GIS-based services to a multitude of industries.

  • GradFly, Inc.


    GradFly, Inc. is an education technology business offering a web/mobile-based platform allowing students to showcase work and connect to other students, colleges, and employers by creating digital portfolios.

  • Heads Up Display, Inc.

    Heads Up Display.

    Heads Up Display, Inc. is a technology company creating products and engineering devices to enhance industrial safety, and developing software to provide additional protection for employees working in dangerous environments.

  • Ignition Life Solutions, Inc.

    Ignition Life Solutions.

    Ignition Life Solutions, Inc. provides innovative data population management services in the healthcare industry, including software that increases the accuracy of medical billing, reduces errors, and loss of revenue.

  • Joox America, LLC


    Joox America, LLC is an information technology company that is developing a cloud-based platform, enabling a client or company to choose any object or product to be customized online.

  • Keep Truckin, Inc.

    Keep Truckin.

    Keep Truckin, Inc. is expanding its research and development in New York State by developing a mobile-application allowing paperless driver logs and fleet management services for the trucking industry.

  • Keep Up, Inc.

    Keep Up.

    KeepUp, Inc. is a new mobile application company that aggregates users' social channels into one news feed. The target market will be a user of global smartphone and social media.

  • Laboratory Integration Management

    Laboratory Integration Management.

    Laboratory Integration Management Sevices, Inc. is a new software development company that has developed a business-to-business platform that automates ordering, processing, status tracking, and reporting of genetic testing. 

  • NE Innovation, LLC

    NE Innovation.

    NE Innovation, LLC is an R&D company that develops technology for performance enhancing smart textiles and protective textiles used to manufacture apparel and accessories for athletics and extreme sports.

  • Rapt-it, LLC


    Rapt-It, LLC is a graphics design company that will provide customers with a unique way to customize, personalize, and decorate their home doors using a proprietary and patent-pending design.

  • Snowberg, Inc.


    Snowberg, Inc. is a new software development company focused on developing a website/mobile app, Ditto, which is a social media based e-commerce platform. Ditto helps ease the tension between service provider and receiver, pushing the demands for deals.

  • Vader Systems, LLC


    Vader Systems, LLC manufactures high-volume direct-to-metal 3D printers using the compay's proprietary liquid metal jet printing technology.