Outstanding Service Recognized


Published November 9, 2020


We recognize the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed during the third quarter of 2020.

Employees of the Quarter, Third Quarter 2020

Officers Kevin Sherod, Robert Adamski and Lieutenant Stacy Tuberdyke

On 07/30/2020, Officer Sherod was driving his patrol vehicle on the North Campus when he observed an individual who appeared to be attempting to flag him down. As Officer Sherod approached, the individual threw a rock at his vehicle and began shouting obscenities. Officer Sherod reversed his patrol car to create distance and called for assistance. Officer Adamski responded and the two officers developed a plan to safely approach the subject, who continued to behave in a hostile and irrational manner. The officers spent a significant amount of time speaking with the individual and determined that he was likely under the influence of drugs or alcohol and possibly suffering from mental illness. Lieutenant Tuberdyke arrived at the location as the officers continued their efforts to de-escalate the situation and offer the man assistance. The individual suddenly lunged towards Lt. Tuberdyke and physically attacked her causing injury. Officers Sherod and Adamski were able to physically subdue and apprehend the individual after deploying pepper spray. The man was not injured and was subsequently transported to the  Erie County Medical Center for a mental health evaluation. The officers’ actions during this challenging situation were consistent with crisis intervention techniques, focused on de-escalation, and remained measured even after witnessing a physical assault to their supervisor.

For their exceptional professionalism in response to this incident, it is our pleasure to recognize Officer Kevin Sherod, Officer Robert Adamski, and Lieutenant Stacy Tuberdyke as our Officers of the Quarter.


Honorable Mention - Lieutenant Scott McMillan, Investigator Wayne Colton, and Officers Jim Riley, David Ayler, and Catie Guzman

For their effective response, investigation, and subsequent arrests associated with a Gang Assault occurring in Spaulding Parking Lot in September.

Honorable Mention - Shannon Piegdon

Several members of the department have expressed their appreciation for Shannon Piegdon’s continuous efforts to ensure payroll, overtime and leave accruals are accurate and timely, for showing a sincere interest in answering questions and providing information regarding payroll and leave issues, and for assisting with the implementation of Telestaff and more recently, POSS scheduling software.

Honorable Mention - Investigators DJ Rehberg, Tim Thompson, Wayne Colton, Lieutenant Scott McMillan, Dispatcher Eric Prentiss, and Officers Bruce Pepi, Brian Horst, Guy Harvey, Doug Takac, Chris Kupiek, and Nick Pokorski

For their collaborative, persistent and successful efforts to identify and charge the suspect responsible for burglaries in Bonner Hall and Center for the Arts in September.

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