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Starting Culture Change

Direct Care Alliance

Direct Care Alliance explores the movement to the "culture change way" and how to empower direct care workers to improve care

Eden Registered Homes and Greenhouses

The contacts on this list of Eden Registered Homes and Green Houses can provide advice on starting the culture change journey, motivating staff and leadership. You may contact them to set up tours of their facilities and
talk to them about how, why and where culture change took place.

Look to your leaders, not healthcare reform, to change long-term care

A prominent author and long term care consultant says providers, not health care reform, will drive person-centered care 

Pioneer Network

Changing the existing physical environment of nursing homes in ways that improve residents' quality of life and without major expenditures can happen. It simply requires a commitment to improve the living environment for all residents – not to simply become homelike, but to become an actual home for the residents within the larger community of the overall nursing home. The Design on a Dollar journey provides easy "how-to" instructions and tips to make environmental changes cost-effective while involving your whole community.

State Culture Coalitions for each State

The primary purpose of state culture coalitions is to advance culture change in their respective states. Coalition activities often include educational programs and networking meetings for providers; education and involvement of consumers; communications including a newsletter and website; and education of policymakers and regulators about culture change.

Dining and Nutrition

Dining with Friends

Dining With Friends is a program that offers innovative solutions to the adverse effects dementia has on nutrition, hydration and socialization.

The Hot Food Cart

Many facilities struggle financially to meet nutritional needs, maintain the 12-hour rule and offer meal choices. The Hot Food Cart is a system that allows residents to choose meal choices and how much they want to eat. It is based on the philosophy that a care facility is home to a resident and they should have a voice in what food they are served.

Promising Practices in Dining

Promising Practices in Dining is the first topic in Pioneer Network's Promising Practice tool that re-evaluates the methods by which providers honor resident dignity and choice in dining. Pioneer Network has incorporated and highlighted promising practices in dining from a broad range of nursing homes and care settings to create this easy-to-use resource.