2012 Symposium

Highlights from our 2012 symposium, “Body & Soul: The Art of Person-Centered Care” included presentations from these keynote speakers.

About the Presenters

Emi Kiyota, PhD

Emi Kiyota, Ph.D., presented her perspectives as an agent of culture change in organizations. She is a leader in creating a new organization called Ibasho, the Japanese concept of “a place where one feels at home being one’s self.” Emi’s experiences as an “embedded” nursing home resident connected with the audience, and drove home the point that person-centered care begins not with a building or interior design, but instead with the creation of a true person-centered care mindset and approach.

Richard Taylor, PhD

There is really no one quite like Richard Taylor, Ph.D. in the world of person-centered care. A former psychologist who is now a keynote speaker, author and advocate for person-centered care who has lived fully and creatively with the diagnosis and symptoms of dementia for nine years. He amazed the audience with his presentation of “Alzheimer’s From the Inside Out.” Everyone walked away feeling that they now have a more intimate understanding of the condition, plus a sense of urgency that we all have a vital role in changing attitudes and approaches about those individuals who are currently challenged with the various forms of dementia.

Judy Berry

Former businesswoman Judy Berry took matters into her own hands as her mother slid down a precarious path into dementia and through 12 nursing facilities. Judy knew there was a better way to care for individuals with dementia. So following her mother’s death, she founded the Lakeview Ranch Model of Specialized Dementia Care™ and has since built two facilities. She described her model of care, which focuses on pro-active disease management and prevention rather than treatment to reduce or eliminate behaviors. Moreover, she described the extensive training her staff receives to be able to provide appropriate emotional support for residents with dementia.

Marilyn Hartle, MSW, LCSW, and LaDonna Jensen, RN

A powerful and persuasive pair, Marilyn Hartle, MSW, LCSW, and LaDonna Jensen, RN, of Jentle Harts lead by example – and presented many of them during their talk on “Creating Choice, Personhood and Autonomy” for dementia residents. Marilyn and LaDonna pointed out the well-meaning but “careless and thoughtless” approaches staff use on an everyday basis ultimately creating emotional harm and lashing out of residents. One factor that often contributes to confusion and behaviors is rushing the dementia resident for a response. “Slow down the communications!” emphasized Marilyn and LaDonna. Also, they stressed that taking the time to understand the individual’s personality and past are critical in restoring personhood to those challenged by dementia. The importance of relationships was a core concept in their segment.