Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Singapore

Singapore Institute of Management.

The University at Buffalo, in cooperation with the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), offers students in Singapore the opportunity to earn a Bachelor's Degree in several areas of study, including Management.

Beijing Institutions, China

Beijing University of Technology in China.

In 1980, UB became the first U.S. university to enter China following the normalization of relations with that country, establishing historic agreements with leading institutions in Beijing—Beijing University of Technology, Capital Normal University and Capital Medical University.

Exchanges with all three partners have continued for more than 30 years, with UB and Beijing researchers collaborating in disciplines including engineering, language learning, the arts and health sciences. UB students have also studied abroad and completed medical school rotations in Beijing.

In 2010, Capital Normal University and UB celebrated a new milestone: The opening of a new Confucius Institute at UB that seeks to facilitate the teaching of Chinese language and culture at local schools in Western New York.

Amrita University, India

Amrita University in India.

Amrita University, UB’s partner in south India since 2006, is a leading private research university enrolling some 15,000 students on five campuses in three Indian states.

Research collaborations between Amrita and UB faculty in engineering, computer science, the health sciences and social work are ongoing, with a new joint research center at Amrita serving as the locus of collaborations of social work faculty and students from both institutions.

Amrita and UB have also partnered on a dual-degree program in Management Science: Business Analytics and Systems on Amrita’s Bangalore campus, taught by faculty from both institutions. A second UB-Amrita dual master’s program—in embedded systems—is in development.

The Jagiellonian University, Poland

 The Jagiellonian University in Poland.

Founded in 1346, Jagiellonian University is Poland’s oldest and most distinguished university. UB’s affiliation with the Jagiellonian began in the late 1980s, during the last years of the Soviet Bloc.

As Poland later emerged as a democratic, free-market society, UB played an important role in the Jagiellonian University’s institutional development. Extensive cooperation and faculty and student exchange have occurred across many faculties at each institution.

Relations with the Jagiellonian have strengthened Polish Studies at UB and the university’s ties to Western New York’s large Polish community.

Konan University, Japan

 Konan University in Japan.

Since establishing a bilateral exchange with UB in 1993, Konan University has been a popular destination for UB students studying Japanese language and culture and for UB faculty and staff invited to participate in the Konan exchange.

UB and Konan have also partnered on innovative programs that prepare Japanese students to become globally competent managers.

Annually since 2003, 30-40 Konan undergraduates have spent a year at UB studying the English language, business and economics. Many of these students also have completed UB’s six-week summer program on Asian Business at the Singapore Institute of Management.

Brock University, Canada

Courtyard of Brock University in Canada.

While their formal affiliation dates from 2007, Brock University and UB, roughly equidistant from the nearby U.S.-Canada border, have cooperated in many domains since Brock’s founding in 1964.

Over the years, many Brock faculty earned doctorate degrees at UB, and UB faculty have served as consultants in the development of programs and curricula at Brock.

The UB Regional Institute partners with Brock’s Niagara Observatory in data collection and policy studies relating to the binational Niagara region. Research collaboration is expanding in areas from digital humanities to applied health sciences.