Brittany A. Sager

Undergraduate Minor in Education

Brittany Sager

Brittany A. Sager

My experience receiving a minor in education from the University at Buffalo was imperative towards my decision to pursue a career in education. As a junior undergraduate student, and well on my way to a Bachelors degree, I found myself asking the same question that many of my peers were: “Where do I see myself after graduation?” After speaking with career advisors and professors and learning about the education minor at UB, I decided to give it a try. Little did I know that this decision would not only leave me with a passion for teaching and the field of education, but it would also lead me to my decision to pursue a career in the field of education at the institution that helped me get started – UB.

The coursework I completed in the education minor instilled in me the fundamentals of good teaching and my professors in the program showed me the passion and drive that this energetic and rewarding career path requires. Fast-forward to four years later as I begin my first year as an English teacher in an amazing school district, I couldn’t imagine having started this exciting journey anywhere else but at the University at Buffalo.

Brittany A. Sager, Ed.M. 

Secondary English Education (5-12)