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    Funding Priorities
    Why Our Donors Give

    To support our students so they can have the opportunity of attending our exceptional university!

    UB is a great value in education for my daughter.

    To better the college experience for students.

    I am grateful for the excellent medical education that I received.

    UB has given me opportunities to be where I am today in my career.

    UB's libraries feed my soul and intellectual curiosity. I am grateful.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the completion of Buffalo's new medical school.

    I was a student at UB and received financial support. I hope to help others in the same way.

    My husband and I are alumni and we both work at UB. We love UB Athletics and want to contribute.

    My career and success was made possible by the mentoring, guidance and education I received in UB Nursing.

    I am extremely appreciative of the opportunities and education you have provided to each and every member of my family.

    I am giving back to a program that nurtured me for 5 years, and in many ways still nurtures me through my links to faculty and faculty research.

    I am forever grateful for my education from the School of Engineering that serves me everyday.

    I had a fine intellectual experience there as a grad student in English.

    Because my horns are UP!

    The Impact of Your Gift

    Impact 2014 Newsletter