Credit-bearing Courses for UB Students

ELI supports UB's undergraduate and graduate students, both international and domestic. If English is not your first language, we offer courses to help with the academic language you need and to help you complete your UB curriculum requirements.

For Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Undergraduate and graduate students may enroll in credit-bearing ESL courses to improve their writing and speaking for both academic and professional purposes. Undergraduate students can also complete one of the UB curriculum "foundation" requirements with our writing courses.

Supporting the University Community

The ELI offers assistance to university departments and the Office of International Admissions in evaluating students’ English language skills for various purposes.

The English as a second language program is also responsible for the testing and training of UB's international teaching assistants (ITAs). ITAs may take a credit-bearing course, Communication for International Teaching Assistants (ESL 512), to improve their classroom communication and pedagogical skills and also to understand better the culture of American higher education. Tuition scholarships may be used to cover the cost of this course as per the Provost's policy.