Project-Based Collaboration Digital Badge Series

Enhance your project experiences with digital badges.

This series of digital badges, based on our PEARL model, will guide you through the engagement process, helping you give and get more as you  clarify and strengthen your academic and professional goals. Work at your own pace and take the time to activate the potential of project-based collaboration.

Who is eligible to participate in the Project-Based Collaboration Digital Badge series?

1) Any undergraduate student who is starting a project from the Project Portal.

2) Any undergraduate student who has recently completed a mentored project experience that culminated in a tangible outcome (i.e. poster, written document or publication, video, performance, etc.).

1. Project Preparation Digital Badge


  • Set goals and intentions.
  • Gain important context and understanding of the topic.

2. Project Engagement Digital Badge

Engage + Add Value

  • Gather feedback from your mentor and partners.
  • Produce a tangible product or output from the experience.

3. Project Reflection Digital Badge


  • Reflect on your experience through various lenses.
  • Review the growth of your skills.
  • Weave your experience and growth into a narrative that employers will value.

If you have already completed experiences outside of the Project Portal, you can enroll directly in this digital badge to support your reflection and the integration of your experiences with your academic and professional goals.

4. Project-Based Collaboration Achievement Digital Badge


  • Build a plan to leverage your project experience through building capacity.
  • Create a change maker story about your overall experience with ELN staff. 
  • Connect with alumni to grow your professional network.

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