Sarunas Milisauskas


Sarunas Milisauskas.

Sarunas Milisauskas


Sarunas Milisauskas


Research Topics

Old World archaeology; European prehistory; Neolithic; Bronze Age

Contact Information

467 Richmond Bldg 4

Buffalo NY, 14261-0026

Phone: (716) 645-0412


  • PhD, University of Michigan
  • MA, University of Michigan
  • BA, Ohio State University

Courses Offered

Graduate Courses

  • APY 540 | History of Archaeology
  • APY 652 | Graduate Survey of Archaeology
  • APY 730 | Advanced Problems in Areal Archaeology

Selected Publications

  • 2008. "Reflections on the Olszanica and Bronocice Archaeological Projects," (S. Milisauskas and J. Kruk), In Man-Millennia-Environment, Z. Sulgostowska and A.J. Tomaszewski eds., Polish Academy of Sciences, pp. 335-343.
  • 2006. "Neolithic Horses at Bronocice," (S. Milisauskas, J. Kruk, D. Makowicz-Poliszot), Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 58:307-323.
  • 2004. "Neolithic Forest Composition as reflected by Charcoal Analysis from Bronocice Poland," (S. Milisauskas, J. Kruk, R. Ford, M. Lityńska-Zając, Z. Tomczyńska), Sprawozdania Archeologiczne 56:271-288.
  • 2004. "Late Neolithic/Copper Age Central Europe". In Ancient Europe 8000 B.C. – A.D. 1000, Encyclopedia of the Barbarian World, P. Bogucki and P. J. Crabtree eds., Charles Scribner’s Sons, NY, pp. 371-378.
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  • 1993. “Observations on the utilization of domestic animals by the Funnel Beaker and Baden populations at Bronocice, southeastern Poland” (S. Milisauskas, J. Kruk, and D. Poliszot-Makowicz), In Actes du XIIe Congrès International des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques, J. Pavúk ed., Bratislava, pp. 457-460.
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  • 1991. “Neolithic Upland Settlement at Bronocice,” (J. Kruk and S. Milisauskas), In Die Trichterbecher-kultur: Neue Forschungen und Hypothesen, D. Jankowska ed., Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznań, pp. 173-180.
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