About Us

Group photo of WISC committee members.

The UB Women in STEM Cooperative was established in 2013 by an interdisciplinary coalition of women volunteers from across the University at Buffalo who pooled our resources together to benefit other women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). With so few women in STEM, we recognized a need for greater diversity in STEM.

Our Mission

Bridging the STEM gender gap through cultural inclusion and educational opportunity.

Our Goals

  • Elevate awareness of women in STEM
  • Encourage greater participation by women in STEM
  • Accelerate the advancement of women in STEM
  • Promote an inclusive climate that respects women in STEM
  • Build connections among women in STEM

We are committed to empowering women in STEM by offering engaging content, authentic conversation, and a supportive community to women students, faculty and professionals in STEM from UB and Western New York. When women succeed, society succeeds!

Intended audience: All students, faculty, professionals and guests of UB regardless of gender are invited to join us and advocate for a more diverse and inclusive STEM workforce.

Committee Members

Shannon Brown, MSEd | Assistant Director, Jacobs School Undergraduate Education

Katie Barnum MSEd | College of Arts and Sciences

Glenna Bett, PhD | Institute for Research and Education on Women & Gender

Rebecca Borowski, PhD | Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program

Holly Justice, MA | Career Services

Anyango Kamina, PhD | iSEED Initiative

Amanda McCormick, PhD  | University Libraries

Sarah Muldoon, PhD | Department of Mathematics

Patrice Prusko, PhD | Teaching and Learning Lab, Harvard University

Ashley Regling, MA | Clinical and Translational Science Institute,  Jacobs School of Medicine

Robin Schulze, PhD | College of Arts and Sciences

Sally Ann Smesko, PhD | Daemen College

Rupa Shanmugam, President/COO | SoPark Corporation

Letitia Thomas, PhD | School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

M.M. Vickerman, DMD, MS, PhD | Department of Oral Biology